For Consultants

Why work with Surety Systems?

As a seasoned JD Edwards, Lawson, SAP or Kronos consultant we know you have a choice when it comes to who you work with. We understand that our consultants play a huge part in the the relationship between us and our clients. We value working with the best of the best in each field and are proud to share the Surety logo when you’re on project with us.

Transparent project scope.

If we say it’s 90% remote, we mean it.

Are you tired of the bait and switch on projects that list 10% travel but really it ends up being more like 90%? You won’t find that with Surety Systems. We work directly with our clients to define the exact terms and expectations for travel upfront before you make any decsions. 

No spam rule.

Your inbox will love us. 

Once you are in our consultant network, you can rest easy knowing that you will only be receiving relevant project opportunities. You no longer have to worry about getting emails about technologies that you have listed one time in your resume (or not at all!) We keep our database squeaky clean and our delivery team takes pride in getting to know you and your strengths on a personal level so that you are only receiving projects that are applicable to your experience and could be of interest to you.

Consistent, reliable payroll.

No hoops, no guesswork, enough said. 

You’re not just working for fun, we get that! With Surety Systems you get paid on-time every two weeks. Some consulting firms need to reduce risk by paying their consultants based on other factors. Not Surety Systems, we guarantee your pay every two weeks. 

Partner perks.

Are you a Lawson consultant? Good news. 

Surety Systems is an Infor partner which grants us access to several different training opportunities… and we love to share. Is there some specific Infor training that you’ve been itching for? Let’s talk.  

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