Do you have multiple locations that post at different times, or have numerous payroll personnel who post your payroll?

There is a new Post Process which allows you to create Post groups. This allows you to Pre-Post, Post, Un-post and Close your pay period all from the same screen. It also gives you the benefit of being able to review who processes which function, and at what date and time.

To turn on this new feature, go into Company Maintenance, then look for the option to Activate Time Post by Group. Turn it to a Y in green screen or put a checkmark beside it in the Web Interface.

To use the new feature, you will go into the post process just like before but the screen will look different.

You will create groups based on the locations/divisions that you post.

  • For example if you have a salary group and an hourly group, you would create two new post groups: HOURLY and SALARY. When you create the group you will have the same selections screens as you would have if you were posting the old way. Set up your groups with the selections that you want.

Once the groups are selected you will have several options:

  • R = Pre-Post report
  • P = Post
  • U = Un-Post
  • I = for Interface
  • Close and Roll

If you feel like the new Pay Period Post Group would be beneficial for your company, Surety Systems would love to discuss it with you.