In the ever-changing world of Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Workday has become a leading provider of workforce management solutions, enabling businesses to manage their most critical operations more effectively. 

Workday Developer solutions are critical in helping organizations customize and expand the functionality of their Workday applications, delivering the flexibility needed to tailor their systems to meet unique organizational needs and requirements.

Read on to learn more about Workday Developer capabilities and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your organization empower more effective workforce management.

What are Workday Developer Solutions?

With the ability to pair existing Workday security, architecture, and user experience initiatives with intelligent development and extension capabilities, users can create new applications and features quickly and easily.

Workday presents a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud applications for financial management, human resources (HR), and other enterprise operations, empowering users to control their own experience and facilitate better data and task management.

Workday Developer solutions refer to the features, resources, and applications Workday delivers to enable Workday developers to create custom applications across their Workday solutions.

Here’s a look at some key elements of Workday Developer solutions:

Workday REST API

Workday delivers a RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) that developers can use to facilitate integrations between Workday applications and other non-Workday systems. Workday REST API enables the creation of custom integrations and other functionalities and facilitates more effective data extraction and exchange across teams and systems.

Workday Studio

Workday Studio allows development teams to build personalized integrations and workflows internally in the Workday platform. With an intuitive visual interface and user-friendly tools, Workday Studio makes it easier for developers to create, develop, and deploy new solutions.

Workday Calculated Fields

Workday developers can build custom calculations and logic by using calculated fields in Workday. These fields are used internally to enhance reporting and analytics abilities and improve overall data integrity.

Business Process Framework

The Business Process Framework in Workday can help developers customize and extend critical business processes within their existing Workday solutions. This typically involves modifying and defining workflows to better align with current organizational processes, needs, and requirements.

Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)

Workday EIB is an intelligent tool that enables the movement of data in bulk, allowing developers to move data in and out of their Workday systems promptly and effectively.

Custom Reports

Workday Custom Reports allow organizations to create personalized insights based on their individual needs. With intuitive features for report customization,  developers can create customized reports to meet specific reporting needs and analyze their data in the most effective way possible.

With Workday Developer solutions, organizations can customize their Workday applications to meet unique requirements and ensure their system aligns with existing workflows and processes. Intuitive Workday development capabilities help users enhance and extend the features and functionality of their Workday ecosystem as needed.

Benefits of Workday Developer Solutions:

Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of the Workday Developer solutions:

Provide Intuitive Experiences

Utilize the same user experience platform as existing Workday applications to create solutions that operate as expected.

Secure and Reliable Scalability

Efficiently implement new functionality that aligns with top-tier security, reliability, and scalability standards.

Enhance Development

Accelerate build time by following fixed development patterns and reusing complex code.

What is a Workday Developer?

Workday is a cloud-based finance management and HR software that businesses use to manage various business processes like time tracking, employee data management, payroll, and more. A “Workday developer” typically refers to someone who specializes in developing integrations, solutions, and applications across their Workday platform.

A Workday developer’s critical tasks consist of customizing, building, and maintaining applications in the Workday platform. Developers work to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an existing Workday system by creating integrations with other systems, configuring workflows, building custom reports, and ensuring their Workday applications meet critical business needs.

Workday developers often collaborate with finance and HR professionals to better understand business needs and translate them into productive solutions within the Workday landscape. These developers have sufficient knowledge of Workday’s own programming language and other relevant application development and programming technologies.

How Can We Help?

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