The Oracle ME Employee Experience (EX) platform is a cutting-edge enterprise solution designed to elevate the workplace environment and enhance employee engagement for organizations across industry verticals. As organizations increasingly recognize the pivotal role that employee experience management plays in fostering productivity, innovation, and overall organizational success, Oracle ME becomes a non-negotiable in improving employee experiences.

The Oracle My Experience (ME) platform goes beyond traditional Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, focusing on the well-being of employees throughout their journey within the company and incorporating features for personalized onboarding, continuous learning, career development, collaboration, and more.

In this article, we discuss the transformative capabilities of Oracle ME, exploring how it empowers organizations to create a positive workplace culture, boost employee satisfaction, and ultimately drive business success in the evolving landscape of workforce dynamics. We’ll also touch on our Oracle consulting services and help you understand where our consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Oracle ME?

Oracle My Experience (ME) offers a complete employee experience platform that enables talent to learn, grow, and connect with other users. It empowers HR and business leaders to design experiences that support employee needs throughout their careers.

As part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM suite, Oracle ME makes it easier for organizations to make employee experiences more personalized, intuitive, and meaningful, enabling employees to do their best work. The Oracle ME platform offers intelligent tools and connections to third-party systems, enabling companies to streamline communications across teams, improve manager-employee relationships, and establish a single source of people and workforce data.

With intelligent connections to Oracle Cloud HCM, users can create personalized experiences based on unique needs and circumstances and extend employee experiences from financial management to supply chain, customer experience, and overall global workforce management.

Key Features in Oracle ME Employee Experience Platform

Here’s a closer look at the critical features and capabilities of Oracle ME for employees and managers:

HCM Communicate

Oracle HCM Communicate is an intelligent employee outreach solution designed to help users create, monitor, execute, share, and measure the impact and effectiveness of critical communication channels. This solution is built directly into Oracle Cloud HCM, enabling HR teams to control the target audience and timing of user-specific content and track employee sentiment and engagement activity.

Oracle HCM Communicate empowers business users to:

  • Control the target audience, content, and timing of messages without relying on other teams
  • Track and analyze reactions and responses to enterprise communications
  • Distribute targeted communications based on employee attributes and circumstances
  • Improve employee response rates through targeted follow-up messages


Oracle Celebrate provides a peer-to-peer recognition, feedback, and rewards solution that enables employees to improve employee engagement and drives a more collaborative, inclusive company culture. The Oracle Celebrate platform delivers targeted and personalized communications and holistic engagement insights to connect people to core values, establish purpose, and celebrate employees for their hard work.

With the Oracle Celebrate solution, organizations can:

  • Acknowledge employees and co-workers through guided templates based on individuals, teams, or employee programs
  • Access a transparent and inclusive environment with interactive feeds for individual, business group, and organization-wide recognitions
  • Connect recognition efforts with business impact through real-time HCM insights
  • Create personalized recognition plans that align with different organizational segments and teams


Oracle Grow offers a hyper-personalized employee experience platform that unifies critical learning, development, and talent mobility opportunities in one location. The Oracle Grow platform focuses on employee development and growth, enabling greater visibility into existing employee skills, tactics to close skills gaps, and measurements to track the progress of upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Oracle Grow enables organizations to:

  • Discover AI-driven development opportunities and take action on evolving recommendations
  • Guide skill development initiatives and enable ongoing learning conversations across teams
  • Offer various ways to improve employee growth and experience, including gigs, internal and external learning resources, and employee development journeys
  • Empower leaders to improve skills planning, improve insights into employee skills gaps, and establish critical employee skills as organizational priorities


Oracle Touchpoints provides an intelligent employee engagement center that enables managers to strengthen workplace relationships and continuously measure, assess, and act on employee sentiment metrics. The Touchpoints solution empowers employees to remain active in their own experience, access personalized support resources, and connect user needs and actions in a single platform.

With Touchpoints, users can:

  • Offer a single place to review and take action on employee trends and recommended actions
  • Capture and analyze employee voice through quick pulse surveys and regular check-ins
  • Access real-time insights into pulse survey trends and compare them across the organization
  • Provide recommended engagement tasks based on employee data and interactions
  • Deliver personalized guidance to enable decisions based on metrics, trends, and other contextual analytics


With step-by-step personalized workflows that enable users to complete professional and personal activities, such as exploring new career opportunities, completing new hire onboarding, or transferring to a new role, Oracle Journeys empowers greater collaboration and more informed decision-making.

Oracle Journeys makes it easier for business users to:

  • Build and maintain one source of people data to recommend, assign, and trigger employee journeys based on individual needs and interactions
  • Provide a consumerlike experience to launch journeys associated with roles, skills, or location
  • Surface contextual analytics, videos, documentation, training materials, and other instructions along the guided digital journey
  • Extend personalized guidance across the enterprise landscape, including connections with other Oracle Cloud applications like Oracle HR, Oracle SCM, and more


Oracle Connections offers an interactive workforce directory and organization chart that enables users to connect with people across the organization, stay engaged with their co-workers, and build a more interactive workforce that consolidates people and processes in a single platform.

The Oracle Connections solution enables business users to:

  • Find and connect with other employees who have similar interests, skills, and experiences
  • Promote personal employee brands by sharing relevant career accomplishments and experience
  • Share feedback, suggestions, and other informational content with employees to facilitate better inclusion and belonging across an organization

Digital Assistant

The Oracle Digital Assistant provides a conversational AI chatbot that allows employees to get immediate answers to their most important questions and access a reliable HR support system to deploy new processes or requirements.

With the Oracle Digital Assistant platform, organizations can:

  • Chat with an AI-powered digital assistant via text or voice in their native language
  • Automate repetitive tasks to quickly complete approvals and manage promotion workflows
  • Build on prebuilt, AI-powered transactions to align employee experiences with workplace culture
  • Facilitate communication with the digital assistant through multiple channels, including Slack, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more
  • Access answers to employees as they search for information about organizational processes, policies, and requirements by connecting Digital Assistant and Oracle HR Help Desk

HR Help Desk

Oracle HR Help Desk is a complete service request management solution designed to help users support service center needs and facilitate more informed decisions by surfacing personally relevant instructions and training materials. As the Oracle HR Help Desk leverages the same security model as other Oracle Cloud HCM applications, it protects sensitive data and enables better data integrity.

The HR Help Desk enables organizations to:

  • Unify HCM and HR service delivery operations and remove the need for third-party integrations
  • Identify and analyze inquiry and case trends to resolve organizational issues proactively
  • Automate employee replies and route inquiries to the right HR staff for quicker responses
  • Submit new inquiries through multiple channels, including SMS, email, and social networks
  • Create a comprehensive knowledgebase of information for employees and HR professionals

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