The combination of dynamic infrastructure platforms with cloud-based business solutions has become a critical success factor for organizations in today’s changing business world.

One of the largest cloud computing platforms in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has joined forces with Workday, a prominent supplier of cloud-based applications for finance and human resources management. Pre-built Workday Integration support for this partnership has cultivated new opportunities for companies seeking scalable and secure technologies to manage their core business operations better.

Read on to learn more about the Workday AWS integration and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your organization maximize productivity.

What is Workday?

Workday is one of the leading providers of enterprise cloud applications and an invested AWS partner.  Organizations can combine the power of Workday with AWS to unite spend management, finance, human capital management, analytics, payroll, and more in a cloud-based system that maintains a flexible and easy-to-use interface.

Workday often replaces outdated legacy systems in the modern workforce and partners with over 10,000 organizations across retail, financial services, education, hospitality, and local and state government sectors. With Workday’s complete enterprise cloud solutions, companies can improve visibility across business units, simplify critical admin processes, and quickly adjust to workforce changes over time.

Workday Enterprise Management and Workday AWS Cloud

The Workday platform offers intelligent enterprise cloud applications directly on the AWS framework, bringing multiple advantages to organizational groups across the public sector. 

Innate auto-scaling capabilities in AWS allow the framework to expand or contract in response to customers’ use patterns and evolving industry trends. By connecting intelligent Workday and AWS functionality in a single, unified platform, users can seamlessly adapt to changing workload demands and ensure all users have the resources to complete tasks on time and correctly.

Workday on AWS also delivers improved platform availability, allowing uninterrupted access to key functions even when faced with potential outages.

The Workday AWS Cloud encompasses encryption at rest and in transit, offers fine-grained access controls, and abides by data privacy rules, further extending a comprehensive suite of security services and tools to protect customer data.

Incorporating these dynamic security precautions allows Workday to improve overall security for public sector customers. It enables users to align critical operations with AWS best practices and promote increased security within each operational field.

Introducing a New Wave of Intelligent App Creation

The Workday Extend platform allows organizations to build customized apps, solutions, and capabilities for financial management and other people-related procedures. To enable Workday developers to create apps that drive business growth while maintaining innovation responsibly and securely, Workday Extend combines the power of AI and ML in the Workday AI Gateway. 

AI and ML services within the Workday AI Gateway platform include:

  • Skills Analysis: Utilizes Workday Skills Cloud to compare and analyze skills to help developers uncover relevant skills from text and improve app developers’ internal skills and capabilities.
  • Document Intelligence: Uses Workday’s machine learning (ML) models to extract business-related fields from documents, such as receipts, resumes, invoices, and more.
  • ML Forecaster: Equips programmers with a time series forecaster to make seasonal and non-seasonal predictions. The API provides comprehensive forecasts that include a list of historical data values paired with the original start date of the historical series and a time horizon for the number of predicted intervals.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Analyzes digital text to determine the emotional tone of any customer response, typically positive, negative, or neutral.

Top 6 Benefits of Workday AWS:

Let’s take a look at a few of the key benefits Workday AWS has to offer users:

1. Performance

The dynamic and scalable framework of the AWS platform improves the performance of existing Workday applications. This is key for organizations that depend on real-time data and analytics for informed decision-making. AWS’s comprehensive global network of business data centers also allows low-latency access to the Workday system, providing users with a seamless experience across platforms.

2. Scalability

With the flexible infrastructure in the AWS platform, organizations can update and scale their Workday applications according to changing business size, requirements, and initiatives over time. By scaling AWS functionality to meet evolving needs, companies can ensure critical resources can be updated as needed, offering essential benefits for organizations that are expanding financial operations or managing a rapidly growing workforce.

3. Cost Efficiency

Pay-as-you-go pricing in AWS enables businesses to optimize expenses according to their actual usage, not based on a predefined bucket of hours or predicted use. This flexibility allows businesses to avoid overprovisioning and cut unnecessary expenses, which is especially beneficial for organizations with inconsistent workloads or higher turnover rates.

4. Global Reach

With AWS’s global reach functionality, businesses can install and use Workday apps from anywhere in the world. This offers a reliable and consistent experience across locations, particularly beneficial for international corporations with extensive global footprints.

5. Innovations and Integration

Companies can build and foster better innovation by enabling Workday and AWS to combine intelligent Workday apps with critical AWS services. By combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and intelligent data analytics capabilities, the Workday AWS integration provides new opportunities and better insights that help companies make strategic decisions and align operations with industry best practices over time.

6. Security and Compliance

Security lies at the top of the priority list for the Workday AWS integration. Organizations can take advantage of AWS’s dynamic security features and compliance certifications by hosting Workday apps directly on the platform, making it easier to manage access controls, improve data encryption, and comply with industry norms and regulations.

Improving Innovation with Intelligent Developer Technologies in AWS

Workday supports multiple AWS AI services domestically in Workday Extend to allow developers to create Workday Extend apps with more functionality. By leveraging applications made from intelligent hyperscale technologies, developers can speed up their app innovation and improve productivity across the board.

Amazon enables Workday Extend to support AI services powered by AWS, like Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Translate. These services include planned event-processing capabilities powered by Amazon EventBridge, customizable functions with AWS Lambda, and storage with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

With the help of intelligent AWS services, developers can quickly build customized apps that meet their business needs and gain greater insight from text, including sentiment, key phrases, photos, videos, and across several languages.

Connectors from the Workday Orchestrater to the AWS services allow developers to simplify interactions with AWS services while maintaining data security through Workday’s advanced security controls.

Quick App Development with No-Code Building in AWS

Workday introduced new features to the App Builder, a no/low-code, web-based developer toolkit, to improve no-code experiences for developers and create better communication between IT and business teams. 

The new capabilities include page builder, a projected no-code visual experience that helps developers create complete applications with just a few clicks, and intelligent code generation from data, which allows developers to use visual experience functionality to produce code from an existing Workday business object.

Workday also strives to improve the developer experience even more with Developer Copilot, a capability that leverages generative AI to foster human-machine collaboration and improve the complete development lifecycle. With the ability to convert natural language into app code, Developer Copilot effortlessly combines with the App Builder to enhance developer productivity and improve customer time-to-value.

These innovations enable companies to consolidate systems, adjust to changing business demands, and provide a more connected experience for users across teams and business units. No-code functionality in the Workday AWS integration is a vector for improved productivity while giving Workday Extend business developers a straightforward, visual experience to create better applications in less time.


Workday provides Workday Extend Essentials and Workday Extend Professional, giving Workday Extend customers innovation opportunities that align with their business needs and objectives. Workday Extend is currently an essential platform enabling customers to build personalized applications that align with current business needs and goals and includes the App Builder’s code creation from data abilities.

Workday Extend Professional is compatible with Workday AI Gateway. Workday Extend Professional customers must have access to AWS AI services in the first half of 2024 to improve their overall Workday Extend strategy and foster more strategic business development. 

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