Within the dynamic landscape of modern human resources and workforce management, companies continuously seek creative ways to improve productivity, simplify procedures, and give workers more authority. Workday, one of the most prominent cloud-based solutions for human capital management (HCM), has led this shift.

The Workday Worklet is one crucial component of the Workday ecosystem that makes this shift in efficiency and effectiveness possible. In this article, we will examine the idea of weekday Worklets, providing intelligent insights into their importance, usefulness, and effect on enhancing the employee experience.

Read on to learn more about Workday Worklets and how our senior-level Workday consultants can benefit your organization.

What is a Workday Worklet?

Workday Worklets are icons on the Workday home page, offering quick and easy access to tasks and data that require regular accessibility for authorized users.

Users must set up worklets and evaluate critical business data through intelligent dashboards and graphical displays to conduct accurate and efficient reporting. 

Before building a custom worklet or configuring additional worklets to support their current Workday landscape, users must determine whether the necessary business process steps have been enabled for each worklet. To examine the performance of each worklet after configuration, it’s critical to verify that each security group has the right access permissions to view a specific data source or reporting area.

Users can leverage predefined Workday worklets or create a custom report configured to meet specific project needs. Worklets embedded in existing business processes must be present at the outset, enabling users to set individual display settings, grant viewer access, and enter pertinent values for the worklet prompts.

Navigating Regularly Used Worklets

Here are a few worksheets and actions accessible on typical user sites:

Time Worklet (Hourly Employees)

  • Utilize a time clock to clock in and out
  • Submit total time worked

Compensation Worklet

  • Review compensation
  • Request a one-time payment or compensation adjustment

Absence Worklet

  • Submit absence requests
  • Ask for time off (sick leave, vacation, PTO, etc.)
  • View the total amount of time off available

Pay Worklet

  • Refuseholds on elections (W-4)
  • Review pay stubs and tax records
  • Manage elections for payments (direct deposit)

Benefits Worklet

  • Access and review benefits
  • Adjust benefits elections
  • Alter retirement savings via employee self-service tools

Time Off (Managers)

  • Review time off submitted on team calendars
  • Return workers from leave to ensure proper time management


Users can access, modify, add, or rearrange worklets particular to job or supervisory responsibilities on the homepage. By clicking the gear icon at the upper right of the home page, users can make adjustments that meet evolving workforce management needs.

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