In today’s data-driven business landscape, where data access, agility, and insight are critical, Oracle Smart View empowers users with advanced capabilities to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, visualize trends and patterns, and generate actionable insights.

This article explores Oracle Hyperion Smart View, discussing how it impacts operational efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making and where our Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Oracle Smart View?

Oracle Smart View offers a dynamic solution enabling organizations to streamline reporting, analysis, and decision-making processes and share data from multiple sources.

By installing Smart View functionality on the user’s machine, organizations can integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM), and business intelligence (BI) directly into Microsoft Excel, Word, Office, and PowerPoint interfaces.

Oracle Smart View for Office also enables customers to access, import, manage, transfer, and share data from disparate sources across the full suite of Microsoft Office products.

Key Features of Oracle Smart View for Office

Multi-analysis for a consistent experience

Oracle Smart View offers an easy-to-use interface and robust data analysis tools that enable customers to access cloud and on-premises Oracle data sources, save data analyses in local or centralized environments, and reuse analyses through one-click refresh.

With multi-analysis functionality, users can run both ad-hoc and free-form analysis without writing complex queries, saving valuable time and effort.

Advanced report design capabilities

Oracle Smart View for Office allows users to build advanced reports based on critical data retrieves, enabling them to create reports in their Microsoft Office or Excel environment and refresh them as needed.

Once the necessary data is available in the existing Office environment, customers can create documents, reports, and presentations that comprise data from multiple sources and provide insight into critical enterprise performance data.

Form and flex form interaction

Intelligent form and flex form interaction capabilities allow users to access all sorting, filtering, and other native functionality across spreadsheet-based models without restricting existing Excel features.

Prebuilt content

With Oracle Smart View, content can be imported and refreshed directly in Word, PowerPoint, Office, or Excel environments, eliminating the need to recreate content within the source system.

For example, customers can combine the power of Smart View and Oracle Hyperion Planning to consolidate data from workbooks or other spreadsheet-based models and compare planned and actual data and performance.

What Can Users Do with Oracle Smart View?

  • Analyze budget, forecast, and actual data in charts and graphs for improved visibility
  • Utilize date-effective hierarchies for past, present, and future data sources to change the information reported in financial reports
  • Drill down from any parent value to child values, detail balances, sub-ledger transactions, journal entry lines, and more
  • Conduct multidimensional, ad-hoc analysis through complete spreadsheet functionality
  • Execute predefined form interaction and reporting to complete critical tasks within the Office environment
  • Leverage EPM data retrieves to create reports that combine data from various sources
  • Import pre-created content from Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting and other software systems to multiple areas of the existing Office environment

Building an Integrated Enterprise Environment

By providing a common Microsoft Office interface and a comprehensive tool for enterprise performance management, Oracle Smart View enables users to connect data from multiple on-premises and cloud data sources, monitor trends, and achieve better business performance.

Oracle Cloud data sources

  • Planning
  • Financial Consolidation and Close
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Strategic Modeling
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • Tax Reporting

Oracle on-premises data sources

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management
  • Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management
  • Oracle Essbase
  • Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis

How Can We Help?

From outlining plans for a new Oracle implementation to accessing and integrating Oracle EPM and BI content, navigating Smart View connections, and optimizing data management strategies, Surety Systems has you covered.

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