In today’s competitive job market, where attracting and retaining top talent is critical in achieving organizational success, hiring teams are increasingly seeking innovative tools to streamline workflows, identify the best candidates, and accelerate the recruiting process.

Oracle Recruiting Booster offers a comprehensive suite of features to address pain points and monitor core recruiting events, leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to optimize every stage of the recruitment lifecycle.

In this article, we explore the key capabilities and real-world applications of Recruiting Booster, discussing its significant impact on shaping talent acquisition strategies and how our team of Oracle consultants can help you make the most of your Oracle investment.

Unlocking the Power of Oracle Recruiting Booster

Oracle Recruiting Booster is built on the power of the Oracle Recruiting platform, offering expanded capabilities that help organizations build better relationships with candidates, manage candidate and interview information in one centralized location, and accelerate critical hiring events.

By enabling advanced Oracle Recruiting capabilities, customers can expand existing candidate messaging capabilities through email and SMS, promote personalized job discovery, and improve visibility for interview schedules, availability preferences, and candidate feedback.

Key Recruiting Booster Features

Two-way messaging

Execute and manage email and SMS-based communications with candidates directly to enhance interactions with recruiting teams and personalize candidate outreach tactics. Utilize automatic tracking capabilities to gain complete visibility into each candidate’s engagement and interview history.

Interview management

View all candidate information in one centralized location, including interview schedules, qualifications, pre-screening questions, complete job applications, and more. Leverage greater visibility into interview processes to align candidate and hiring team schedules and plan interviews for specific events, requisitions, or candidate groups.

Hiring event promotion and support

Access prebuilt features in the Oracle Recruiting job portal to create and promote open roles, event listings, prescreening questionnaires, and registration pages. Track candidate registration, attendance, and market events to specific candidate groups through advanced candidate relationship management tools in the Oracle Recruiting platform.

Advanced Oracle Digital Assistant tools

Facilitate better communication between recruiting users and candidates by connecting critical recruiting activities with Oracle Digital Assistant features on any device. Enable candidates to sign up for events, access personalized job recommendations, answer prescreening questions, schedule interviews, and complete candidate surveys to improve the candidate experience.

Why Choose the Recruiting Booster?

By enabling organizations to deliver an engaging recruiting process for candidates seeking new opportunities, Recruiting Booster combats critical challenges associated with a talent shortage, including inaccurate data, higher costs, and a disjointed recruiting experience.

Oracle’s Recruiting Booster add-on enables Oracle Recruiting customers to access advanced features on a comprehensive talent acquisition solution, promoting a more consistent user experience and improving collaboration across the entire Oracle Cloud HCM landscape.

Recruiting Booster enables organizations of all sizes and industries to:

  • Build stronger candidate relationships through SMS and email-based communications
  • Attract and retain qualified candidates for vacant positions
  • Simplify the interview scheduling process to set meetings faster
  • Create and market events to expand brand awareness and improve the hiring process
  • Generate conversational experiences for job applications and interviews

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