In an era where public safety agencies face increasingly complex challenges, public safety organizations like law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and emergency medical services (EMS) need intelligent tools that empower them to manage and respond to emergencies effectively.

Oracle Public Safety provides a range of capabilities to manage critical tasks, such as incident reporting, dispatching, records management, evidence tracking, and analytics, enabling agencies to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and ensure the safety and well-being of communities.

In this article, we discuss the key capabilities and advantages of Oracle Public Safety, exploring how it enables agencies to eliminate manual busy work and ensure accurate, secure public safety records. We’ll also provide a few critical ways our senior-level Oracle consultants can help maximize success.

How is Technology Changing Public Safety Controls?

While evolving social media presence and access to modern technologies can increase the likelihood of financial fraud, radicalization, and criminal activity, new technology has also allowed public safety agencies to improve law enforcement, access new insights into public safety techniques, and protect communities more effectively.

Data and smart policing

Digital technologies have enabled law enforcement agencies today to facilitate proactive policing, prevent unnecessary safety incidents, and connect with workers across the digital landscape. With cloud-based CAD systems and other intelligent policing tools, agencies can provide field responders with real-time case information and automate records creation and management across teams.

Safety and community management

In today’s technology landscape, agencies require a modern approach to public safety, empowering greater collaboration, discussion, engagement, and participation from civilians and law enforcement officers. Organizations have transcended detached policing methods to support public communication, improve community safety, and enhance participation from key stakeholders.

Understanding Oracle’s Public Safety Solutions

Oracle Public Safety aims to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration of public safety agencies by providing them with the tools they need to improve emergency call management, investigate incidents, dispatch and record interactions, and ensure public safety in their communities.

Here’s a look at the key products included in Oracle’s Public Safety hardware and software suite:

Wearable Computer Devices

Oracle’s Public Safety Wearable Computer System offers wearable camera systems and communication devices that activate automatically upon dispatch, recording interactions between officers and civilians and enhancing security, trust, and accountability across the community.

Oracle also promotes real-time situational awareness by enabling organizations to provide line-of-sight video to teammates in remote locations and automatically consolidating critical case data, including dispatch, verbal, and video data, into comprehensive law enforcement records.

Vehicle Video Camera System

With a roof-mounted video camera that supports front and peripheral views, an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera, and an in-vehicle computer for video processing, Oracle’s Vehicle Video Camera System supports dispatch and mobile services and eliminates duplicate data entry.

Oracle’s unified public safety hardware also enables agencies to connect video data feeds from the live cameras to a records management system designed to support transparency and automatically link mobile case reporting data and other critical incident details in the same case file.

Vehicle Communication System

Oracle Public Safety Vehicle Communication System provides an intelligent touch-talk-listen tablet application that allows law enforcement personnel to search for records quickly, report on cases in real-time, and access a fully interactive map of all other incidents in the surrounding area.

Records Management System

By leveraging the Oracle Records Management System and critical integrations with Oracle Public Safety’s dispatch and mobile services, agencies can manage all public safety record activities, including data entry, storage, viewing, retrieval, investigation, and archiving, and eliminate data re-entry.

Dispatch Command Center

Oracle Dispatch Command Center offers a cloud-based CAD system that facilitates efficient emergency call and dispatch management by automatically populating 911 call information, determining and merging duplicate calls, and verifying incident locations in a blended map view.

With intelligent Oracle Public Safety services, agencies can accelerate data entry, increase investigative data management, and improve overall emergency dispatch.

Jail Management Software

Oracle’s Jail Management System offers a cloud-based jail and holding facility management system that enables agencies to reduce data silos, eliminate manual busy work, and ensure secure processes from booking to transfer or release.

Personal Communications System

Oracle Personal Communications System runs on a secure mobile device and provides intelligent communication tools that improve dispatch and field-based interactions between first responders and provide automatic location and subject-based alerts to improve situational awareness.

Prebuilt integrations with the Dispatch Command Center, Records Management, and other critical areas of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also support local records searches and enable users to access critical case information on desktop and mobile devices.

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