In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, where businesses face increasing pressure to stay competitive while navigating intricate technological infrastructures, Oracle Managed Services provides a reliable lifeline.

From database administration to cloud management, automated testing, and ongoing support, Oracle Cloud Managed Services offers proactive monitoring, maintenance, and optimization capabilities to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability.

This article discusses the transformative capabilities of Oracle Managed Services, exploring its key features, benefits, and the significant impact it has on empowering organizations to focus on innovation and strategic growth while leaving the intricacies of IT management in capable hands.

We’ll also help you understand where our Oracle consultants can come in to help when traditional managed services don’t cut it.

Understanding Oracle Cloud Managed Services

Oracle Managed Services offers improved reliability and efficiency in the realm of IT operations, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to offload the complexities of managing their Oracle environments and drive more efficient digital transformation efforts.

Managed Services from the Oracle Success Services model address the paradigm shift in balancing constrained budgets and limited headcount with complex business operations and project initiatives by prioritizing access to Oracle expertise and outlining ownership roles for critical administrative tasks.

Main challenges hindering enterprise performance

  • Readiness for change across enterprise teams, departments, and locations
  • Lack of funding or financial management objectives to support digital transformation efforts
  • Lack of employee skills and its impact on overall workforce culture
  • Lack of understanding about the technology impact of a highly complex Oracle ecosystem
  • Risk to existing business processes and trust in key internal and external stakeholders

How does Oracle Managed Services address the challenges?

  • Lower total cost of ownership for new Oracle applications and complex environments
  • Improved business agility, scalability, and adaptability to meet evolving business requirements
  • Increased control, visibility, and efficiency for new and existing Oracle investments
  • Personalized support and guidance from the most trusted Oracle Cloud resources and experts
  • Reduced infrastructure capital expenditure and protection from outdated systems


Oracle Managed IaaS Service

Access 24/7 lifecycle management support services, including management, provisioning, backups, maintenance, patching, access control, and application support for all guest VMs and related operating systems.


Oracle Managed Integration Cloud Service

Allows Oracle Integration Cloud Service customers to accelerate application support, connection, and innovation through intelligent requirements analysis, instance provisioning, task management, configuration, periodic reviews, and continued service improvement.

Oracle Managed Analytics Cloud Service

Enables Oracle Analytics Cloud Service customers to improve overall data and task management by leveraging intuitive tools designed for instance provisioning, configuration, analysis, and continual service improvement.


Oracle Managed Database as a Service

Empowers non-Autonomous Database and non-Exadata customers with an Oracle Database Cloud to keep critical Oracle databases running as expected through intelligent provisioning, management, monitoring, patching, and access control capabilities.

Oracle Managed Exadata Database Cloud Service

Provides 24/7 lifecycle management support for Oracle Exadata Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud or Oracle Cloud@Customer deployments and optimizes database performance through intuitive management, provisioning, patching, periodic service reviews, and administration for tenant and administrative database users.


Oracle Identity and Access Management

Empower better management, reporting, guidance, and deployment assistance for Oracle Identity and Access Management solutions by identifying areas of improvement, unifying access to cloud services, and protecting identities and authentication for core Oracle applications and other cloud and on-premises applications.

Oracle Vulnerability and Threat Prevention

Protect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and web applications against recurring issues and attacks by conducting penetration testing and analysis to identify misconfigurations, inefficient change events, insecure access controls, and more.

Oracle Database Security Services

Leverage built-in support for Database Vault, Audit Vault, Data Masking, and Database Encryption to protect critical business data and facilitate better management of Oracle Database security solutions, including design, deployment, and ongoing monitoring.

Key Capabilities of Oracle Managed Cloud Services

Understanding critical responsibilities

While Oracle Customer Success Services does simplify and streamline critical system administration tasks and drive innovation through automation, machine learning, and proven best practices, the move to cloud infrastructure does not completely eliminate manual administration activities.

To maximize innovation and ensure their cloud and hybrid systems function as expected, customers must still manage all guest virtual machines (VMs) and related operating systems in the user domain. Oracle Managed Services provides a lower-cost option than in-house management, further improving process efficiency and optimizing the complete cloud journey.

Connecting technology infrastructure

Oracle Cloud offers innovative middleware services to help customers connect and optimize their enterprise business environment, including bridging the gap between specific users and their associated applications, databases, and capabilities.

The Oracle Customer Success Services model accelerates value driven by Oracle Cloud investments, providing intelligent provisioning and configuration features that facilitate continuous system improvement, service, and data management.

Ensuring database maintenance

Oracle customers are responsible for any additional tasks at the database, cluster, and operating system layer, requiring manual administration to keep databases maintained properly and ensure all critical business data is protected.

Oracle Managed Services offers intuitive support tools that relieve IT staff of daily database maintenance tasks to accelerate monitoring and incident management, improve system productivity, and enable staff to focus on more value-driven activities.

Implementing security controls

Hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments have brought a new level of data security and control to the enterprise landscape, requiring IT and security teams to proactively address risks and adapt to changing security requirements.

The Oracle Customer Success Services platform offers access to reliable expertise, comprehensive portfolios, and seamless migrations to ensure your critical business data is connected and protected, even as identity and access controls are implemented or updated over time.

Embracing full enterprise investment

With ITIL-based infrastructure and support from service level agreements and end-to-end solution governance capabilities, Oracle Managed Services enables customers to extend and adapt their existing Oracle landscape to meet the evolving needs of their organization.

The Oracle Customer Success Services model also supports a wide range of managed workloads on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, simplifying enterprise management and driving innovation through the latest Oracle technology updates.

Key Benefits of Oracle Cloud Managed Services

Enhanced Performance

Oracle Managed Services offer proactive monitoring and optimization, ensuring that Oracle on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments perform at their best, minimizing downtime and latency for mission-critical applications.


With Oracle Managed Services, organizations can easily scale their infrastructure up or down based on changing business needs without the hassle of managing hardware or software upgrades or dealing with downtime issues.

Cost Savings

By outsourcing the management of their Oracle environments through Oracle Managed Services, organizations can reduce overhead costs and unplanned expenses related to system failures or security breaches and achieve maximum availability of their cloud environment.

Security and Compliance

Oracle Managed Services providers implement robust security measures and ensure compliance with industry regulations, ensuring high availability for Oracle Cloud applications, protecting sensitive data, and mitigating risks associated with cyber threats.

Focus on Core Business

By leveraging Oracle Managed Services to navigate critical environment management tasks, organizations can redirect their resources and energy toward strategic initiatives and core business objectives, driving innovation and growth.

How Can We Help?

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