Oracle GoldenGate facilitates innovation in real-time data movement, integration, and replication, offering organizations unparalleled capabilities to manage business data more effectively and unlock the value of their critical data assets.

As a high-performance, low-impact solution, Oracle GoldenGate enables a seamless data migration process across heterogeneous databases and ensures consistency, reliability, and efficiency in core data replication and management initiatives.

In this article, we take a look at the power of Oracle GoldenGate, exploring its key features and use cases, how it helps organizations achieve real-time data synchronization and high availability across their enterprise ecosystems, and where our Oracle consultants can come in to help.

What is Oracle GoldenGate?

Oracle GoldenGate is an intelligent software solution designed to help users manage, replicate, filter, and transform data from one database to another, including both Oracle and non-Oracle databases.

Why Oracle GoldenGate?

As enterprise data is typically distributed across multiple systems and heterogeneous databases, traditional data management and migration technologies require complex processes for extracting data records and facilitating manual data integration between databases.

Organizations can leverage Oracle GoldenGate to load, filter, and distribute real-time data transactions and deliver connections between databases in near-zero downtime, enabling data replication between Oracle and non-Oracle databases, Flat Files, Java Messaging Queues, and Big Data targets.

Oracle GoldenGate enables enterprise users to do the following:

  • Reduce latency through real-time data integration and movement
  • Simplify database architecture and offer easy configuration options
  • Improve system performance with minimized impact on existing infrastructure and databases
  • Support various versions and releases of databases running on multiple operating systems
  • Replicate data from Oracle Database to other heterogeneous databases
  • Migrate only committed transactions to improve system performance and data consistency

Critical Use Cases for Oracle GoldenGate

Organizations can utilize Oracle GoldenGate to meet the following data movement requirements:

High Availability and Continuity

To drive high availability and achieve business continuity, enterprise systems are built with multiple storage, servers, and data centers, providing adequate availability to support core business processes and facilitate efficient data movement between servers and data centers.


With the option to deploy in active-active or multi-master configurations, Oracle GoldenGate enables users to originate transactions from multiple databases and synchronize with other databases to maintain consistency and achieve scalability.

Reduced downtime

All the features and activities in Oracle GoldenGate are protected with failback capabilities, eliminating the risk of lost or damaged data and minimizing downtime required to conduct routine maintenance, application upgrades, migrations, patches, and other operating system management tasks.


Oracle GoldenGate facilitates enterprise-wide visibility, enabling users to monitor replication process management, completion, and performance through real-time dashboards and notifications.

24/7 availability

The Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture leverages Oracle GoldenGate to ensure zero downtime for planned and unplanned outages and Oracle Active Data Guard for zero data loss across any distance.

Data Integration

Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time data integration capabilities that allow users to consolidate data from multiple disparate sources, store it in a unified enterprise platform, and access a complete view of all critical business data in a single cloud database.

Load and Database Migration

Initial load processes are only performed once, extracting data records from a source database and loading each record onto a predefined target database.

Oracle GoldenGate empowers a zero downtime migration by allowing users to initiate and manage initial load data migrations without taking their system offline.

Understanding the GoldenGate Oracle Product Suite

Here’s a closer look at the main products included in Oracle’s GoldenGate product suite:

Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data

Provides built-in support tools that automatically write operation data from Oracle GoldenGate instances and trail records into required Big Data targets, including HBase, JDBC, HDFS, Flume, Cassandra, and more.

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

Compares data sets from different sources, identifies any out-of-sync data, and allows users to repair or update any data that is determined out-of-sync.

Oracle GoldenGate Monitor

Offers a real-time, web-based monitoring console that provides visibility into Oracle GoldenGate instances and their associated databases within a single, graphical view of the related data.

Oracle GoldenGate Studio

Enables organizations to create and deploy real-time, high-volume replications by automatically tracking table and column mappings, offering custom drag-and-drop mapping features, and delivering best practice configurations from pre-built templates.

Oracle GoldenGate Application Adapters

Facilitates seamless integration with Oracle GoldenGatecore to migrate critical Java Message Service (JMS) information into the Oracle Database or deliver data in JMS files or messages across the enterprise.

Oracle GoldenGate Guardian

Allows users to manage business data from the transactional level by extracting, managing, and replicating selected data records from multiple heterogeneous applications and monitoring transactional changes across the enterprise landscape.

Oracle GoldenGate Plug-in for EMCC

Extends the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and enables better monitoring and management for Oracle GoldenGate processes through intelligent visual support features.

Key Features of the Oracle GoldenGate Platform

Real-time data integration

OCI GoldenGate offers a real-time, fault-tolerant foundation for analytical and operational data that facilitates an integrated global data fabric.

With this foundation, users can drive data replication processes that publish events and their data into object stores, databases, open source, OCI Streaming, and OCI Stream Analytics for better visibility across on-premise and cloud systems.

Oracle and non-Oracle data replication

Oracle GoldenGate connects to various Oracle Cloud databases and external open-source databases across on-premise and cloud environments, enabling users to improve data integration, migration, and availability.

For Oracle databases, GoldenGate provides a pre-built connection to the Oracle Database kernel for high-speed data movement and improved performance. For non-Oracle databases, GoldenGate simplifies integrations between systems and data services, including Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, MySQL, HDFS, and more.

Distributed data fabric

Oracle GoldenGate enables users to maintain their complete multi-cloud and heterogeneous data fabric and support enterprise applications through real-time data replication and propagation. Users can simplify the creation and management of an event-based, zero-data-loss fabric with a few core integrated components:

  • Connectors to extract and apply data from NoSQL and other messaging systems
  • Data Streams for enhanced developer control over all GoldenGate events
  • Big Data Connectors to improve data lake, object storage, and data warehouse targets
  • Transaction Manager for Microservices Enterprise Edition to improve transactional consistency
  • Stream Analytics for intelligent ETL and data-in-motion analytics capabilities

Streaming data analytics

Oracle GoldenGate offers real-time streaming analytics to handle the following tasks:

  • Model, analyze, publish, and manage real-time streaming data from GoldenGate database events
  • Capture all database events from GoldenGate, JMS, or Kafka sources
  • Extend replication events through next-step pipelines that automatically match, filter, transform, organize, and publish critical enterprise data
  • Refine data pipelines, transformations, and machine learning capabilities while continuously extracting data
  • Analyze critical data points and data movement to identify issues and improve the efficiency of data-in-motion analytics features

Free option

Oracle GoldenGate Free offers access to Oracle’s premier database replication platform, enabling more effective prototyping, development, deployment, education, and testing processes across on-premise and cloud environments.

With the Oracle GoldenGate Free platform, organizations can access all critical operational and analytical database replication features, simplify replication pipelines, and improve connections to Oracle databases.

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