In the fast-paced and dynamic hospitality landscape, Oracle Food and Beverage, formerly MICROS, is a leading provider of applications tailored to the industry’s unique needs and designed to reduce cost and improve service.

From streamlining order processes and optimizing efficiency with kitchen display systems to enhancing guest experiences, Oracle’s Food and Beverage offerings epitomize innovation across international chains and independent startups alike.

This article explores how Oracle Food and Beverage redefines the landscape of hospitality technology and reshapes the dining experience and where our Oracle consultants can come in to help.

Understanding Modern Restaurant Technology Systems

Restaurant management systems enable restaurants and sports and entertainment venues worldwide to expand revenue channels, simplify operations, and provide a modern customer experience tailored to unique needs and requirements across the restaurant industry.

Modern restaurant analytics and reporting tools enable customers to:

  • View, manage, and validate employee shifts, attendance, and time-off requests
  • Input customer orders and record payments
  • Leverage intelligent inventory management functionality to monitor current stock and food waste
  • Accept multiple payment options, including debit/credit cards, mobile, and contactless payments
  • Manage time, labor, and payroll through intuitive labor management capabilities
  • Monitor cash flows and run reports for data in comprehensive sales systems

Key Components of Oracle Food and Beverage

Here’s a closer look at the main features of the Oracle Food and Beverage solution:

Enterprise Back Office

Provides efficient documentation for Food and Beverage back office operations and data analytics and includes solutions like Inventory Management, Reporting and Analytics, InMotion, Labor Management, and more.

Point of Sale

Offers intelligent tools to streamline operations, optimize the customer experience, and support documentation for Point of Sale platforms, including Simphony POS, Venue Management, Suites Management, and eCommerce Integration Cloud Service.


Describes customer payment reports and enables users to process payments in intelligent payment terminals or the MICROS Payment Cloud Service platform.


Supports documentation for Oracle MICROS workstations, site preparation tablets, and other intelligent hardware solutions.


Offers pre-built integrations for other Oracle applications, including Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, Oracle Engagement Cloud, and more.

Partnering with the Best

From outlining implementation plans for new Oracle applications to navigating complex documentation within Oracle MICROS Simphony, or just an extra hand getting started on your journey with enterprise technology solutions, Surety Systems can help.

Our team of senior-level Oracle consultants has the skills, experience, and proven track record to help handle your critical project needs and maximize your Oracle Cloud ecosystem.

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