Efficiency is critical in the fast-paced environment of modern business. Integrating dynamic workforce and task management tools becomes crucial as organizations work to improve their most critical operations. The combination of Workday and DocuSign is a connection that has gained popularity among enterprise users and provides a smoother way to improve document management procedures and streamline core workflows.

Read on to learn more about Workday Integration tools for DocuSign and how our senior-level Workday consultants can help your organization integrate DocuSign and Workday to improve efficiencies.

What is the Docusign Workday Integration?

The DocuSign and Workday, electronic signature integration, helps organizations reduce agreement turnaround time and save money by eliminating manual processes. This integration improves employee satisfaction and boosts compliance with critical documentation requirements. 

Created and managed through the Workday Business Process Framework (BPF), which allows users to track and distribute the receipt of documents, the DocuSign Workday integration supports over 400 business operations, including Student, HCM, Financial Management, and Payroll.

DocuSign Connect lets users send and receive e-signatures for Finance, Operations, and HR-related business operations while maintaining a record system for employee data in Workday. DocuSign is available as an independent configuration or part of Workday’s Review Document step in the BPF for eSignatures.

Driving Efficiency

Integrating DocuSign and Workday helps companies streamline the offer letter process and enables HR departments to work more efficiently.

Users begin by creating the candidate’s offer letter in Workday. Users can leverage the integrated DocuSign electronic signature technology to sign documents within seconds after reviewing their information (start date, job title, salary, etc.). With a single click, the letter is sent to the candidate. 

After this, the applicant can use any device to access Workday, read the offer letter, and sign right away. Each stage of the process is managed directly in Workday, and the completed offer letter is automatically submitted to the candidate’s Workday profile. DocuSign eSignature automatically creates and records the comprehensive, time-stamped history of each document.

Other streamlined and automated processes can be applied to other documents your employees will have to sign, such as onboarding documents, offboarding documents, and other critical HR documents.

Here are some common HR documents the DocuSign and Workday integration streamlines:

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Benefits enrollment documents
  • Offer letters
  • Contractor agreements
  • Termination documents
  • Compensation plans
  • State Tax Withholding forms
  • Direct Deposit/Payroll forms
  • Security and confidentiality forms
  • Employee handbook documents
  • Drug test consent forms

The Impact of Integrating with Workday

Combining robust Workday and DocuSign technologies enables users to make the most of each platform. The integration between DocuSign and Workday enhances the functionality of the Workday experience by minimizing errors, increasing the speed at which forms are completed, and allowing signatures from any device. 

Users will be able to:

Increase efficiency: The integration eliminates the need to manually enter current applicant and employee data into contracts and agreement forms and print, sign, scan, fax, mail, and file paper forms.

Send bulk employee agreements: Workday’s integration with DocuSign bulk send allows users to send forms to multiple candidates or staff members with just one click. This is helpful for annual documentation, such as corporate policy modifications, seasonal recruiting, and benefit re-ups.

Improved security and compliance: With this integration, all signed documents are stored securely in Workday, where users can look at signature history and get a tamper-proof seal.

Key Features and Benefits

Easy set-up

Save time and effort with pre-built integration design and flexible deployment options.

Automated agreement process

Leverage automatic updates and intelligent document transfer functionality to manage the complete document signing process without leaving Workday.

Fast ROI

DocuSign Workday integration reduces turnaround times and paper-based expenses for customers, improving total return on investment.

Top-tier security

With intuitive capabilities for managing all signature histories and audit trails, DocuSign’s security and operations promote top-tier compliance with security standards.

Better agreement compliance

Store and keep a digital record of all the signed forms directly in the Workday system.

Improve the candidate and employee experience

Utilize modern tools to help internal staff and potential hires increase productivity and stay on-task.

Use Cases

Here are the most popular use cases for the Workday and DocuSign integration:

  • State Tax Withholding documents
  • Drug or alcohol test consent forms
  • Payroll/direct deposit forms
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Contracting agreements
  • Job analysis documents
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Compensation plans
  • Termination forms
  • Security and confidentiality documents
  • Employee handbook documents
  • Employee equipment inventory forms
  • Employee invention agreement documents

How to Get Started with the Integration?

Sign up and get a license from DocuSign, the third-party electronic signature service provider. Take note of the Account ID, password, and integration system user name from DocuSign. Your Workday administrator must enable the integration. After authenticating the DocuSign system, the administrator can access the Edit Tenant Setup – Business Processes task.

Workday’s Review Document phase in the Business Process Framework for eSignatures includes a configuration option for the DocuSign Workday integration once the tenancy has been set up.

Users can utilize the pre-integrated service to obtain e-signatures for business processes related to HR, Finance, and Operations once it has been enabled inside your tenant. The system of record for your employee data is still located in Workday. Users can look up DocuSign on the Workday Community website to learn more. Manage Workday > Documents and Electronic Signatures > Set Up Electronic Signatures should provide the setup details.

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