Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a robust, fully managed, low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure web applications and deploy them into the production environment with ease.

With an intuitive development environment and an extensive set of pre-built components, Oracle APEX applications empower developers to create powerful enterprise applications without extensive coding knowledge.

In this article, we explore the world-class features and capabilities of Oracle APEX, how it enables organizations to accelerate application development and streamline digital workflows, and where our team of expert Oracle consultants can fit in your organization.

What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX is a world-renowned enterprise low-code application platform designed to empower users to build new web and mobile apps that can be deployed any time, anywhere, and on any device.

By leveraging intelligent Oracle APEX components, developers can load core business data, manage database objects, develop REST interfaces, and develop secure enterprise apps without requiring expertise in every technology or experience with complex coding requirements.

This way, enterprises can minimize the complexity involved with multi-faceted applications and enable developers to resolve critical system issues quickly and easily — all without needing to become or interact with experts in various web technologies.

Key Features of the Oracle APEX Application Platform

Data Analysis and Reporting

Oracle APEX offers an Interactive Report component that enables users to customize their data to meet evolving business needs and turn data into information, from deciding which columns to show to filtering by specific values, applying formatting to sort and group data, and storing customizations.

Smart Filters and Search

Smart Filters is a new search component that allows users to leverage customized search terms or filter suggestions to control business data effectively, eliminate redundancies, and instantly find the information they want.

Users can also utilize search suggestions and suggestion chips to define and display filters, evaluate them against data, and access automated filter suggestions relevant to each data set.

Faceted Search

Faceted Search is an intelligent component that makes it easier for users to search and filter data and discover new insights to drive better business outcomes.

  • SQL driven: Execute and manage all computations and filtering directly in the Oracle Database through PL/SQL web application development capabilities.
  • Count computation: Drive dynamic facet result counts based on current data filter settings.
  • Auto-discovery: Create new facets based on data patterns from existing tables.
  • Multi-faceted: Access multiple facet types, including radio groups, checkboxes, and more.

Monitoring and Logging

Oracle APEX offers pre-built monitoring and logging tools that enable users to log events, identify hacking attempts and other system performance issues, and gain insight into developer modifications to existing applications.

Users can also access a variety of predefined reports to monitor changes in application performance, check for errors, find and view certain events that have already occurred, and more.


Built with globalization in mind, Oracle APEX supports a development framework that ensures application performance and empowers users to run applications in multiple languages and local environments.

  • Translation: Allow users to run applications in multiple languages without duplicating the application logic, including custom PL/SQL regions, JavaScript messages, XLIFF files, and more.
  • Localization: Enable users to format and display content based on their specific location, including decimal notation based on territory, date and time formats for each time zone, and right-to-left support for document direction.


Oracle APEX places a focus on accessibility through every phase of the development lifecycle, providing accessible UI components and intelligent theming capabilities that enable easier accessibility and customizations without requiring accessibility modes for access.


The Oracle APEX platform is designed to help users create and deploy web apps that are secure and scalable right out of the box.

It offers comprehensive authentication schemes, authorization schemes, and extensibility features to simplify integrations with cloud-based authentication and manage critical users and roles more effectively.

Process and Workflow Automation

With built-in Approval components and a unified task list, Oracle APEX facilitates efficient workflow and process automation across teams and business units, leading to quicker action and better business outcomes for subsequent releases.

Intuitive User Interface

Oracle APEX uses the Universal Theme interface to help developers build modern enterprise web applications without needing extensive knowledge of other technologies, like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML.

By offering intelligent Cards, Menus, Forms, Reports, and other common UI patterns and live template options, Oracle APEX simplifies application navigation and makes it easier to customize the appearance of any template-based component within the existing UI.

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