Clear your calendars (if you’ve not already done so) because BLUEPRINT 4D is almost here. Taking place June 6 – 9, BLUEPRINT 4D is a new hybrid event presented by Quest Oracle Community. This four-day event will be a chance for JD Edwards customers to learn directly from the experts who build the cutting-edge technology they use every day. 

There are no excuses for not taking advantage of this educational opportunity. The conference is in-person (at MGM Las Vegas) as well as virtual (from your home office, couch, or anywhere). So everyone around the globe can be part of the experience. 

An event like this can be overwhelming to navigate with so much taking place in just four jam-packed days. But not to worry. We’ve reviewed all the keynote speakers, sessions, and workshops to help you build a conference agenda of can’t-miss events. 

Key Speakers at BLUEPRINT 4D

At BLUEPRINT 4D, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and hear from the people behind the technology you’re using every day. Get inspiration, learn new insights, and share your thoughts. Here are some of the key Oracle speakers you’ll hear from: 

  • Gary Grieshaber, Group Vice President, Applications Development
  • Paul Houtkooper, Vice President, Product Development
  • Keith Sholes, Senior Director, Product Management
  • AJ Schifano, Product Manager
  • Jeff Erickson, Senior Director, Product Management
  • Mike Jepkes, Senior Principal Product Manager
  • Ervin Rhodes, Principal Product Manager
  • David Greiner, Principal Product Manager

10 BLUEPRINT 4D Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

This year’s theme is “See it. Build it. Do it. Imagine it.” And there are opportunities for all of that throughout the 100+ sessions at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022 that cover product roadmaps, workshops, and how-tos. Some of the hot topics at this year’s event include Release 22, Predictive Patching, and Process Automation. 

No matter your role, function, or industry, there’s a session just for you at BLUEPRINT 4D. It was hard to narrow it down, but here’s our list of 10 can’t-miss JD Edwards sessions: 

1) The Future of ERP: Evolving from Digital to Intelligent

  • Gary Grieshaber, Vice President, ERP application Development at Oracle America, Inc
  • Paul Houtkooper, Vice President Oracle EnterpriseOne Development at Oracle America, Inc

Today, many companies enjoy a competitive advantage by leveraging JD Edwards Digital Platform to drive innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes. The focus now shifts toward the future and the evolution of ERP. Gary Grieshaber and Paul Houtkooper will review how Digital ERP has helped customers transform their businesses and will share their vision for the intelligent future of ERP.

2) The Intersection of Innovation, Security, and Support for JD Edwards

  • Jeff Erickson, Senior Director Product Management at Oracle America, Inc
  • Pradip Pandey, JDE EnterpriseOne Software Architect at Oracle America, Inc

Release 22 is your Digital ERP release, delivering innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes, but it is also your release for protection against security threats. While digital transformation helps create a competitive advantage, Release 22 is equally important as it contains the most current security patches for JD Edwards and certified platforms. Attend this session to learn about the latest JD Edwards innovation that will power your digital transformation while providing you protection against the latest security threats.

3) Ask Me Anything: An Interactive Discussion with JD Edwards Executives

  • Gary Grieshaber, Vice President, ERP application Development at Oracle America, Inc
  • Jeff Erickson, Senior Director Product Management at Oracle America, Inc
  • Paul Houtkooper, Vice President Oracle EnterpriseOne Development at Oracle America, Inc
  • Keith Sholes, Senior Director, Product Management, at Oracle America, Inc

This session encourages executives and decision-makers to direct their hard-hitting questions to the Oracle JD Edwards executive panel.

4) AP Automation Journey with Tuff Shed

  • David Pott, Tuff Shed, Inc.

Tuff Shed transformed their accounts payable processes in response to challenges brought on by the global pandemic. Join this session to hear from David Pott their Controller on how they realized a complete AP automation solution that integrates near seamlessly with their JDE – all while improving auditing and relationships with suppliers, speeding up the pace of invoice processing, and reducing supply chain issues that would impact delivery times for their customers. 

5) Next-generation Workflow in JD Edwards: Less Work, More Flow

  • A.J. Schifano, Product Manager at Oracle America, Inc
  • Terry Kanichai, Senior Product Manager at Oracle America, Inc
  • Terry Issac Kanichai at Oracle

Workflow has been an integral part of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product for decades, transforming formerly tedious, paper-based, manual tasks into automated electronic processes. But things change, and it’s time to take a fresh look at what’s new and what’s now possible. This session introduces the next-generation workflow capabilities in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. These new enhancements empower business analysts to design and deploy automated business processes without deep developer skills or complex customizations. Orchestrations, notifications, messages with action links, and a new Workflow Studio are all at your fingertips and built right into EnterpriseOne Release 22. 

6) Set the stage for future innovation with JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Clayton Seeley, Technical Architect at Oracle America, Inc
  • Prashanth Thimmavajjala, Principal Product Manager at Oracle America, Inc

This session will cover the benefits of migrating JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It will also provide an overview of the latest capabilities introduced that leverage native Oracle cloud services and support for Autonomous Database.

7) Digital Acceleration – Navigating the Future of ERP

  • Neil Pugh, Senior Director of Product Development at Oracle America, Inc

Have your plans to modernize been accelerated? JD Edwards customers should begin to understand and explore their cloud options. Navigating the many Oracle Cloud solutions can be overwhelming at first. With this session, learn more about the solutions offered, how they complement and extend your JD Edwards solution, and which solutions are best suited for your organization. This session will emphasize SaaS solutions and the solutions JD Edwards customers are frequently taking advantage of.

8) Is JD Edwards Your Future?

  • Bud Shaw, GSI

What lies ahead in the future for JDE customers? During this session, we will discuss the various options to ensure the ongoing success of your organization.

  1. It’s all about the business requirements!
  2. Should I go SaaS or stay on-prem?
  3. What are my SaaS options (NetSuite, Oracle Cloud ERP, and more)
  4. If I stay with JDE, what are my deployment options (On-prem, managed services, private, public, etc.)
  5. 3rd party expansion of JDE footprint (buy vs. build)

We’ll dive deep into these topics plus more! There will be a 15-minute Q&A at the end of the session.

9) Recent Innovations in JD Edwards System Administration

  • Clayton Seeley, Technical Architect at Oracle America, Inc
  • David Bilthuis, Director at Oracle America, Inc
  • John Holder, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Oracle America, Inc

The recent innovations in JD Edwards have transformed our systems into self-monitoring, self-healing, and secure systems that can simplify and automate the system admin tasks. This session will cover the value that it brings to our system with our recent improvements in the area of kernel reconnections, server manager, and security tracking.

10) Release 22 and beyond: JD Edwards Product Update

  • Jeff Erickson, Senior Director Product Management at Oracle America, Inc
  • Keith Sholes, Senior Director, Product Management at Oracle America, Inc

Release 22 delivers on JD Edwards’ promise of digital ERP. Join Jeff Erickson and Keith Sholes for a review of Release 22 and the innovative solutions that help you optimize your JD Edwards applications, enable those applications to be the core of your digital initiatives, and simplify and automate everything to do with managing your JD Edwards instances. We will also touch on some of the more interesting innovations we are currently working on as we move toward intelligent ERP.

What You’ll Take Away From BLUEPRINT 4D

There’s so much to learn at an event like BLUEPRINT 4D. Here are just a few of the skills and information you’ll walk away with:

  • JD Edwards product updates and roadmap
  • How to simplify your day-to-day system administration 
  • Why Release 22 is a game-changer for automation and digital transformation
  • How the latest enhancements will save you time
  • Best practices for customizations
  • How to leverage new tools to add value to your JD Edwards investment

We’re looking forward to attending, learning, and connecting with other JD Edwards users at BLUEPRINT 4DF 2022—hope to see you there! 

Of course, Surety Systems also has your JD Edwards needs covered the rest of the year. Our senior-level JD Edwards consulting team is always up to date on the latest information to help our clients succeed with their solutions. Contact us today to learn more or get started.