2017 Lawson Survey Results

Surety Systems developed the 2017 Lawson Survey to allow the Lawson community to compare their experience and thoughts to others in the larger Lawson Community. This survey reports the results of over 275+ Lawson clients. It aims to serve as a benchmark for the Lawson community as a whole. Data was collected in June and July, 2017. Our survey was open to all participants through our website and we encouraged participation through various social media outlets.

Meet Lawson Lauren


Well over half of respondents are in a management role; from middle to executive-level, in the areas of: IT, IS, HR, PR. Second runner-up is Analyst.

Close contact

98% of respondents either work directly hands-on with the Lawson product, or oversee a team who does. 


More than half of respondents work in Healthcare.

6000+ Employees

Lauren works for large companies, with employees from 1000 to 6000 or more.

7+ Years

Lauren’s company has been running Lawson for over seven years.

Lawson Lauren’s Lawson Set-up

What version of Lawson are you running?

  • v10 69%
  • 9.x 25%
  • 8.x 3%
  • Infor Xi 2%