SAP HANA is an in-memory database platform for processing high volumes of data in real-time. It uses in-memory computing to store compressed data in random access memory (RAM) instead of storing it in relational databases on disk drives. In other words, SAP HANA can access in-memory data 10,000 times faster than normal, allowing organizations to analyze massive amounts of data and process transactions in seconds versus hours. 

SAP HANA is the highest-profile product in the SAP lineup, and for a very good reason. If you’re curious as to why—read on! This article will go deeper into the history of SAP HANA, as well as its many benefits for enterprises. 


Let’s start at the beginning with SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner. Plattner was on a mission to create a database that could process transactional and analytical data in real time, and SAP HANA was what he came up with. Since its release in 2010, SAP HANA has transformed enterprise IT and changed the way companies work with data. It’s also gone through various updates and gained a few new features along the way.

Fun Fact: HANA originally stood for “high-speed analytical appliance,” but now we just refer to it as HANA. (It’s a bit like how SCUBA used to be an acronym, but now it’s used as a word by itself.)

Available on-prem or in the cloud, SAP HANA is used by companies of all sizes and industries. While HANA allows you to integrate data from internal and external sources as well as other databases and ERP software (allowing you to keep your current system if you wanted to), SAP’s ERP—S/4HANA—only runs on a HANA database.

Benefits of SAP HANA 

Of course, SAP HANA is more than just a database used for storing and serving data. Here are six of the top benefits of using SAP HANA:

1) Easily Handle Big Data 

With SAP HANA, you’ll not only be able to handle large amounts of data from any source, but you’ll be able to process a greater volume of data and act on that information. HANA’s built-in machine learning and advanced analytic capabilities allow you to incorporate unstructured data, including text, predictive, spatial, event streams, and time series, helping your business arrive at better decisions.

2) Gain Real-Time Analytics

HANA’s in-memory technology drastically reduces the time it takes to pull together the most comprehensive reports. With the accelerated business intelligence functionalities in HANA, you can process data in near real-time, so you can make business decisions that much more quickly. 

3) Scalability 

SAP HANA uses dynamic tiering, which means that data that’s used frequently remains in memory while less-used data moves to disk when space is low. Not only is this an extremely cost-effective way to manage large data volumes, but when you factor in HANA’s advanced compression and columnar storage, it can result in a data footprint reduction of anywhere from 3 to 5 times.

4) Single Source of Truth

A deceptively simple benefit of SAP HANA is that it gives you the ability to minimize your data silos by bringing transactional and analytical data together on a single solution. One source of truth helps to eliminate errors, reduplication of data, and a host of other headaches that suck of precious time and energy to fix.

5) Flexibility and Versatility 

One of the most versatile data solutions available, SAP HANA can be deployed in a public or private cloud, in multiple clouds, on-prem, or in a hybrid scenario. It also supports hybrid transactional and analytical processing, as well as many other types of data. 

6) Security 

Security is always top of mind for any modern organization, and SAP HANA has been designed to put those concerns to rest. From its secure setup to its comprehensive data and application security, you can rest easy knowing that your organization is safe with SAP HANA.

Work With an SAP HANA Consultant

SAP HANA is unique, powerful, and significantly faster than any other database management system on the market. With next-gen features like reporting and machine learning, it’s sure to help keep your business competitive.

If you’re ready to become a data-driven organization, SAP HANA is the platform for you, and our US-based, senior-level SAP consulting team is here to help. If you’d like to integrate HANA with your current ERP system (whether that’s SAP S/4 HANA or something else), we are here for you. 

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