Migrating from Lawson S3 to Infor Global Human Resources (GHR) can be challenging for even the most tech-savvy of companies. There are lots of moving parts to juggle, from management to communication to execution. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on our first set of articles to help you on the migration journey, you can read them here:

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In this article, we’re going to go over some of the reasons why you should consider bringing on a third-party, client-side project manager (PM) when migrating the benefits module to GHR. Let’s get started. 

Dedicated Resource to Keep the Project On Track

First and foremost, bringing on a dedicated project manager means you have someone to manage the migration and all the associated administrative work that comes with such a project, without putting that burden on your full-time employees. A PM can maintain the project plan, keep people on task, and create regular status reports.

In migrating benefits to GHR, a PM needs to maintain interfaces for end users, functional users, benefits administrators, and the IT group that handles the third-party interface files (i.e., your vision, medical, dental, and so forth). Whatever benefit packages you’re offering, there’s always an interface that has to go to them. And because your data is coming from somewhere different, they typically require new mapping adjustments. 

A PM also keeps the migration on schedule. If what needs to be done isn’t getting done, they’re the ones who develop a course of action. They maintain the issue log to ensure calls and tickets with Infor are being addressed when they drop the ball and that the company is following proper methodology. 

Asking one of your employees to juggle all those separate items on top of their day-to-day work is just asking for trouble.

Communicates Progress to Project Team and Stakeholders 

The PM on a project like this one will lead the steering committee meetings that involve executive stakeholders. During these meetings, the PM can address any issues happening with the project so that the decision makers can help resolve those bottlenecks. The project manager will also help keep everyone informed throughout the migration, from the core team to stakeholders, and they can do so in-person or through virtual conversations.

An Advocate for Your Company

While a client-side project manager is essentially in charge of the internal team on your migration project, they often work with outside vendors and project managers, with a focus on advocating for you and your organization. Since your project won’t be their first rodeo, they have the out-of-the-box knowledge needed to push back when someone says your company has to do things “a certain way,” instead of what best suits your needs.

A Fresh Set of Eyes (That Have Seen It All Before)

One of the problems of going through something like migrating to Infor Global Human Resources is that there’s no way to know what you don’t know. (Otherwise, you’d be able to plan around those things.) Bringing on a third-party consultant who has gone through a benefits migration before with other companies allows you to take advantage of their experience, avoiding pitfalls other businesses have fallen into and capitalizing on their successes.

There are many ways you can do things in GHR, and someone with experience can help you explore all those options to find the ones that will best serve you, especially when it comes to industry-specific best practices. 

Maintain and Lead the Testing Process

Some project managers (like those at Surety Systems) also have application consultant experience to help with functional work. For example, our consultants have led and maintained system integration and user acceptance testing in GHR. They can create the test sheets to ensure things are being done properly, so the client can focus on the work and not the process. 

Benefits testing requires documentation of the open enrollment process. And since this is something you only go through once a year, you need solid documentation and references to go back to once open enrollment comes back around. A quality consultant will be able to help you create the reference documents you’ll need to succeed.

Finding the Right Infor Project Manager

When it comes to migrating benefits to Infor Global Human Resources, bringing on the right client-side Infor project manager is critical. Whoever you bring on board for the project needs to be able to juggle time and resource management, communicating effectively with team members and stakeholders, advocating for your company, having the experience needed to offer out-of-the-box solutions, and if they can maintain and lead the testing process, that’s a bonus.

That can be a lot to ask for from one person, but you can find them at Surety Systems. Our senior-level Infor project manager and consulting team have the skills to guide you on your journey to a seamless and successful Infor GHR migration. 

Contact us today to get things started.