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Crystal Reports & Lawson Training for Healthcare System Employees

Custom Hands-on Crystal Reports/Lawson Training


A not-for-profit network of healthcare providers with more than 10,650 employees and 1,000 physicians had purchased Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) and Crystal Reports but had not gone live with them due to a lack of product knowledge. Although the health provider knew that Crystal Reports would allow for a more robust and flexible reporting ability of the data across their HR, Supply Chain, and Finance functions, they also knew that they needed Crystal Reports training within a Lawson context to fully realize LBI’s value.

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A healthcare provider desired on-site Crystal Reports Lawson training. However, much of the available training was web-based or self-guided with video instruction.


Surety Systems proposed a custom Crystal Reports Lawson training package that combined the strength of seasoned Lawson expertise with on-site, hands-on delivery.


Through a seasoned Lawson consultant and a custom Crystal Reports Lawson training curriculum, the provider minimized the financial investment and maximized the training.

“Surety Systems was able to minimize the financial investment while maximizing the user experience with an onsite, hands-on experience.”

The Challenge

Although the healthcare provider knew that it needed training, there were very few Crystal Reports Lawson training available, making options limited. Additionally, much of the training that was available was web-based along with some self-guided materials with video instruction.

This healthcare provider desired a higher-touch training experience. They wanted training options to consider that were specific to Crystal Reports within a Lawson context and that would provide users the ability to use their own computers and data.

The Solution

After understanding the organization’s situation and desires, Surety Systems presented an alternative solution. Surety proposed a custom training package that combined the strength of seasoned Lawson reporting expertise with training experience delivered on-site over six days over a three-week period. Providing two days of training each week over the three-week period lowered the impact to their normal operations while facilitating stronger retention of the training delivered. Surety Systems introduced a senior Lawson consultant who had experience with Crystal Reports working in the LBI environment.  Since the consultant also had user training experience, he was the perfect fit for a training effort tailored to the healthcare provider’s needs.

Considering the timeframe and the desire to minimize costs, Surety’s Lawson consultant designed a custom Crystal Reports Lawson training curriculum based on a standard Crystal Reports training manual. Since the organization’s team had limited LBI & Crystal Reports experience, the consultant designed a step approach to training, to be delivered in three successive weeks with key users attending face-to-face sessions. The first two weeks were dedicated to Crystal Reports with the final week focusing on utilizing those reports in LBI. In addition, training in the third week included other functional aspects of administrating the LBI system such as dashboards, report scheduling and bursting.

One challenge uncovered while preparing for training was the awareness that, historically, the healthcare provider had predominately pulled tables for their reporting. While effective, the consultant was able to introduce and train users on writing SQL queries to leverage the strength and flexibility that queries had over pulling tables.

The Result

Each attendee trained with their own laptop and had access to their organization’s Lawson data. The consultant documented training lessons and left it behind for the users to reference—along with the standard Crystal Reports manual. In the end, each user was familiar and comfortable with how to best leverage Crystal Reports duties within LBI.

Through a seasoned Lawson consultant and a custom Crystal Reports Lawson training curriculum, Surety Systems was able to minimize the financial investment while maximizing the training with an on-site, hands-on experience.

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