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JD Edwards Equipment Management for Local Municipalities

Converting Fleet Management Data into JD Edwards


A consortium of municipalities maintains JD Edwards for all local government members within one facility. While each local government has their own environment, there are shared standards used among all. One of the local governments required a solution to convert their existing fleet management data (work orders, purchase order, and Inventory control) into JD Edwards. This particular local government was already on JD Edwards Financials and Fixed Assets, but Equipment Management had not been used by any other local government.

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One of the local governments required a solution to convert existing fleet management data (work orders, purchase order, and Inventory control) into JD Edwards Equipment Management.


Surety Systems’ expert consultant developed standards for implementing JD Edwards Equipment Managment, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and converted data into the new system.


Following the newly created standards, the consultant successfully converted all data in the JD Edwards system. Additionally, he conducted a knowledge transfer and trained associates on the new system.

The Challenge

The challenge was to incorporate the Equipment Management, Purchasing, and Inventory Management into existing business processes for the specific local government, as well as to create standards for implementation at other government locations. Fixed Assets had already been implemented so utilizing existing asset structure for use with tracking with equipment work orders was a concern as the data on the assets in JD Edwards did not match what was in the Fleet system. All machine history, cost of parts, fuel, and service charges had to be moved from Fleet into JD Edwards.

The Solution

Surety Systems’ JD Edwards consultant analyzed system standards, legacy systems, business processes, and specific local government requirements. The solution incorporated standards for implementing Equipment Work Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, conversion of historical data for existing machines, and a fuel file interface into the JDE Inventory system.

The Result

Surety’s consultant successfully integrated several business processes into the JD Edwards Equipment Management module. Standards were created for labor and service fees for ease of use in the work order entry process. Purchase orders were set up to be distinguished between purchases for specific work orders/outside services/non-stock items and inventory purchases to stock inventory. Replenishments were set up to notify when inventory levels were low and work order scheduling was set up so that management of the workflow was visible. The consultant also set up inventory so that the work order system could record costs to specific departments.

The JD Edwards Machine Management consultant also provided additional value by providing documentation and knowledge transfer so the internal team would be set up for future success.

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