In October 2020, two of the largest human resources (HR) technology vendors out there—Kronos and Ultimate Software—merged into UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group). Together, the two companies now bring customers more than 70 combined years of experience in the industry.

If you’re a current Kronos customer, you might be wondering what this merger means for you. Don’t fret. In fact, you should be excited about the new possibilities ahead now that these two powerhouses have joined forces! In this article, we’ll explain what you need to know about the transition from Kronos to UKG, and how we can be your trusted partner for any of your UKG questions or technical needs. 

Let’s get started.

Overview of UKG

Now one of the world’s largest cloud companies, UKG will continue offering products from both human capital management (HCM) providers, including Workforce Dimensions, Workforce Ready, and Workforce Central. In fact, the only change you can expect to see at the moment is a difference in product and solution names. For example, Workforce Dimensions is now UKG Dimensions, Workforce Ready has become UKG Ready, and Workforce Central has been replaced by UKG Workforce Central. 

You can see a list of all the new product names here

Communicating Information 

The merger has also affected the way the new company communicates news and changes to its customers. First, you’ll notice all communications from UKG will come from their new email addresses: Make sure to add to your company’s trusted sender list to ensure you receive product information, merger changes, events, and more.

Next, you might notice those messages look a little different than you might remember them, and that’s not just your imagination—UKG has rebranded their company colors to teal. A revitalizing and rejuvenating color, teal often represents open communication and clarity of thought. If you’ll forgive the pun, we think the new hue is absolutely a-teal-ing! (We’ll see ourselves out now…)

The company has also created a UKG Brand Announcements group on the Kronos Community, making it the best place to stay up to date on important customer information. You can even turn on your notifications for the group to get alerted when something new is announced. 


UKG also has a handy FAQ guide to help answer some of the most common questions around the merger. We’ve already gone through it and put together a list of some of the highlights: 

  • There is nothing that needs to happen with existing contracts, W-9s, or invoices. 
  • The support and training you’re used to will not change.
  • The new website is, but you can still access everything on
  • The transition will take time. Expect rebranding to take about 12-18 months. 
  • The mobile app will stay the same (except the logo and colors), so no need to download another app. 

Surety Systems is Your UKG Partner

Finally, UKG remains committed to putting customers first. It’s even the name of their new tagline, “Our purpose is people.” Similarly, the Kronos team at Surety Systems is pumped about this next phase for UKG and how it will transform the future of work for our clients. No matter what issues you’re facing with this transition, we’re here to partner with you on any of your UKG projects

Contact us today if you have any questions or just want to get started with UKG.