We had a great time at Collaborate ’15 and are already looking forward to ’16! Craving one of those Surety Signature drinks? Don’t worry, we’ll share the recipes.

The Conference Room Pilot: Fireball + Ginger Ale + 2 Cherries

The Kick Off Cocktail: Chinaco Blanco + Fresh Lime Juice + Organic Agave Nectar

The Go Live Special: Coffee + Kahlua + Bailey’s + Whipped Cream

The Post Production Support: Johnnie Walker Red + Bitters

Things you may have missed…

Innovative Solutions for the Modern Enterprise: Lyle Ekdahl delivered his annual “roadmap” session for the direction of JD Edwards. We always enjoy hearing his summation of where JD Edwards has been this past year and projection of things to come. Mr. Ekdahl always draws a large crowd, and when he speaks, people listen. It was clear this year that Oracle is going “all-in” on three key areas: Mobility, Cloud, and IoT (internet of things).

Mobility: Ekdahl pointed out that JD Edwards currently has 84 mobile applications live, and has established “MAA” (Mobile App Archives) that will deliver source code, allowing for customization of individual apps. Oracle also provides the “MAF” (Mobile Applications Framework) that allows companies to build/design their own mobile apps to integrate with JD Edwards.

Cloud: Ekdahl touted the 3 layers of Oracle’s cloud services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service

IoT: Oracle continues to explore new and innovative ways to incorporate and capture Big Data obtained from our various mobile devices to increase efficiency and profitability for its customers. Oracle announced its integration of JD Edwards Work Order functionality with the smartwatch from Samsung, thus extending JD Edwards out to the point of service. IoT is the wave of the future, and Oracle is just beginning to scratch the surface of the application possibilities that exist. Exciting times!

JD Edwards Welcomes World 9.4! This was perhaps the most exciting reveal of Lyle Ekdahl’s Monday morning session, effectively extending the JD Edwards World product roadmap into the 2020s.

Mark Hurd – Oracle CEO: Well…everyone missed Mark Hurd at Collaborate this year! A sold-out crowd awaited the Keynote presentation from Mark Hurd. The room was packed and filled with anticipation. Everyone was quickly deflated when it was announced that Mark’s private jet had been delayed landing at Las Vegas’ McCarron International Airport and that he wouldn’t make it in time to deliver his keynote. Well, there’s always next year!

Surety Systems JDE Leaders Reception: Surety Systems hosted its annual JDE Leaders Reception on Monday at Collaborate15. We had over 80 JDE professionals attend this year for an exciting hour of great JDE conversations, cocktails, and community. Congratulations to Cheryl Working from The Ford Meter Box company for winning a brand-new pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones. We look forward to hosting next year’s event, and hope to see you there!