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Fixing a Flawed Lawson Security Implementation

Buttoning Up Security for Apparel Company


When it comes to implementing an enterprise-wide security platform, the lack of proper upfront planning, design, and analysis by an inexperienced team can be a recipe for disaster. Just ask the women’s apparel company whose initial foray into using the Lawson Security platform created a major “hole” in their system that allowed unauthorized and unlimited access to any and all data throughout the organization. The apparel company looked to Surety Systems for a proper Lawson Security implementation that would keep their data safe as well as on-going support.

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An inexperienced consultant created and deployed inappropriate protocols and role responsibilities, making an apparel company vulnerable to major system attacks and unauthorized access.


The Surety consultant worked closely with the company to conduct a detailed analysis of the situation and found numerous vulnerabilities within the architecture that was deployed.


Within six weeks, Surety’s experienced Lawson consultant saved a flawed project by implementing fixes and improvements for the ‘bright-red’ Lawson Security platform issues.

“The initial [Lawson Security] implementation made them vulnerable to major system attacks and unauthorized access to critical company data and program.”

The Challenge

Lawson Security is a flexible, object-oriented security platform that is designed around a company’s core business processes and the security needs of its users. Lawson’s roles and rules-based architecture assign a list of security rules and permissions to users within the company, giving them access to just the information they need to do their jobs while protecting access to other sensitive data. When implemented properly, Lawson Security has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution for a host of companies worldwide.

For these reasons, the apparel manufacturer made the decision to upgrade their Lawson security platform. Unfortunately, the initial implementation turned into a security nightmare for the company. Because they utilized an inexperienced consultant, the platform’s planning and design didn’t fully capture and address all of the needs, requirements, and resources of the entire organization. This resulted in the creation and deployment of inappropriate protocols, role responsibilities, and system access. The initial implementation made them vulnerable to major system attacks and unauthorized access to critical company data and program.

The Solution

According to Surety’s consultant, the initial Lawson Security implementation, was worthless, for all intents and purposes, and the company’s security issues needed to be resolved as quickly as possible. System security is a high-impact implementation. When it’s not working correctly, it can have extreme consequences for an organization from a data integrity and segregation of duties/auditing standpoint.

To help the apparel company resolve its data security issues and get its Lawson Security project back on track, Surety Systems conducted a professional assessment of the situation and hit the ground running. They needed experienced professionals who could come in immediately and assess the state of the security system, fix the high priority access issues in a short order, and then plan long term for resolution of other issues that were a lower priority.

Surety Systems’ team of consultants has extensive experience working and leading projects using Lawson applications, running the gambit from design and implementation to on-going support and post-implementation management. For this project, the Surety consultant brought more than 20 years of Lawson technical experience to the table, including leading Lawson Security projects for several multi-national companies.

The Surety consultant worked closely with the company to conduct a detailed analysis of the situation and found numerous vulnerabilities within the architecture that was deployed. The company had multiple ‘bright-red’ coded, mission-critical problems with the initial implementation. Once those were resolved, Surety needed to implement new data security rules to further protect the data.

The Result

In the first few days after being engaged on this project, Surety’s consultant implemented changes and improvements to address many of the ‘bright-red’ platform issues. Within the first week, Surety rolled out new data security rules across the organization. By the end of the first few weeks on the project, all critical issues were resolved. Then, after about six weeks, the majority of the project was complete.

According to the apparel company, the ability of Surety’s consultant to take the reins and lead a project from beginning to end was important and helped them save a flawed project in a reasonable timeframe, with minimal additional expenses.

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