Once your Infor CloudSuite implementation has finally reached go-live, congratulations! However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning. Implementing a new solution gives your organization the tools it needs to transform operations and seize new opportunities, but without following some best practises for handling Infor CloudSuite after go-live, you might end up running into some new issues.

We’ve put together a comprehensive series of articles with tips on each stage of your implementation journey. If you haven’t already, check out:

This final article covers best practices for after your Infor CloudSuite implementation go-live. Keep in mind that what you do in this stage will help ensure that your new solution works for your organization for years to come.

Check the Supply Chain 

In the first 72 hours of the go-live, you’ll need to focus on making sure your supply chain is working properly. This is a critical step and will be something you need to monitor for the next 12 weeks. 

You’ll be looking at things like mobile supply chain requisition, self-service requisitioning, purchase order transmission—whether by fax or electronic data interchange (EDI)—and other areas like email and document handling, if applicable.

You’ll also want to make sure that EDI (outbound and inbound) transactions and your third-party software or document handling are flowing as expected. Depending on the degree you’re using contract management, you’ll need to manage your pricing and vendor selection process as well.

Accounts Payable Matching 

Once you’ve tested all your integrations, you can dive into account payable (AP) matching. This will take place during weeks 2-12 post-go-live. This will involve going through all the transactions that have matched and gone through processing. You’ll invoice match accounts and payable time periods. And at the end of the month, you’ll check finance.

Training Takes Center Stage

Training will be an ongoing process within your organization, but it’s a significant focus in the post-go-live process. In a previous article, we stressed the importance of dedicating your staff 100 percent to the implementation, and here’s another reason why: all the scripting, data, and process flows the staff builds during that time will become the basis for your training materials moving forward.

Instead of staff learning from generic materials, you’ll be able to provide them with customized instruction specific to the processes your team has adopted during implementation. You’ll likely have consultants to modify the training based on the solution design, but the core materials will be unique to your organization.

As part of ongoing training, you’ll also be managing things like self-service requisitioning to accommodate new staff. For example, in healthcare, nursing positions have significant turnover. To accommodate for the continuous onboarding, you can develop online computer-based training for requisition self-service. And remember to make it a habit to update documentation for all changes. You’ll have to account for new accounts, cost centers, projects, physician providers, and locations. It’s best practice to have a methodology to maintain and update all design and process documentation regularly.

Partner with Infor CloudSuite Experts

The most important step in a successful Infor CloudSuite implementation is laying the groundwork. With a solid foundation, you’re less likely to run into issues. Even if you do encounter challenges, the work you’ve put in on the front end will help you overcome them much more easily. 

To make things even simpler, take advantage of our senior-level Infor Lawson consulting team. Our team has helped numerous organizations make smart decisions on their path to digital transformation. If you put our experts in your corner, we’ll guide your team through the selection of software, implementation, and go-live support that best serves your organization’s unique needs. Our advice comes from years of real-world practice and expertise in Infor technologies. 

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