Building candidate pipelines, managing job posts, and finding the perfect fit for a job can seem like quite the uphill battle at times, right? And, if unorganized job pages and inefficient talent acquisition processes are an all-too-common issue for your company, you’ve come to the right place.

The solution you’ve been looking for? Workday ATS.

The Workday applicant tracking system streamlines talent acquisition, improves the productivity of recruiting teams, and enhances candidate and employee experiences. Read on to learn more about the solution and how it could benefit your organization.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) help companies find and manage candidates throughout recruiting and hiring processes. ATS software simplifies candidate organization, tracking, and management and makes it easier for companies to find qualified candidates, collect important information, filter prospects according to their skills or level of experience, and optimize the overall recruiting and hiring process.

Applicant tracking software enables users to:

  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to scan and sort prospect resumes
  • Improve interview scheduling process with automated emails
  • Access business-critical information in one place
  • Reduce time-to-fill
  • Streamline recruiting and enhance the candidate experience

Key Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

  1. Saves valuable time: ATS software eliminates the need for time consuming manual processes like posting and listing on job boards, and, instead, uses automated tools to sort and filter resumes to separate the relevant ones from the irrelevant. With software automation, ATS saves recruiting and hiring teams valuable time to be spent on candidate engagement and relationship building.
  2. Reduces costs: Recruiting teams often have to walk a tough line between a screening process that is efficient but costs a little more and one that is cheaper but less efficient. An applicant tracking system solves this issue by providing an accurate, efficient software that not only automates screening processes, but also significantly reduces cost-per-hire.
  3. Improved quality of new hires: With a system that allows for more efficient and proactive recruiting processes, companies are able to attract and hire the most qualified candidates for the job — the first time. ATS recruitment software gives companies that previously would’ve fallen behind the competition because of a lack of system efficiency and strategy the opportunity to not only keep up, but to attract the best talent possible.
  4. Simplifies job posting: Applicant tracking systems allow users to upload job postings on multiple platforms with a single click. By eliminating the need for managers to log in to multiple accounts, create separate posts for each platform, and conduct manual results tracking for each post, ATS software simplifies the posting process and makes it easier for recruiting teams to collect and manage applications.
  5. Enhanced collaboration and communication: An applicant tracking system offers improved collaboration not only between team members, but also between recruiting and other departments throughout the company. ATS software provides a better way for users to send messages, assign tasks, schedule automated campaigns, allow team members to leave feedback for each applicant, and give employees a voice in decision-making processes.
  6. Better decision making: Applicant tracking systems gives recruiting and hiring teams complete access to all applications, making it easier for them to streamline processes and keep everyone connected every step of the way. And, with everyone on the same page, human resources, recruiting, and hiring teams can make smarter, quicker decisions.

Does Workday Have an ATS?

ATS software is found in the core HR systems of most companies, and it’s no secret that there are quite a few applicant tracking system options out there for you to choose from. But, did you know that Workday offers an applicant tracking system that is built into their Recruiting solution?

The Workday Recruiting ATS not only allows users to manage the entire recruiting and employee lifecycle in a single system, but it also helps manage high volume hiring processes, attract top talent with consistent experiences, and streamline recruiting and hiring by improving collaboration and transparency among teams.

As a top applicant tracking system, Workday continues to automate workflows, like managing job posts on career sites and social media. This way, it’s easier for recruiting teams to improve candidate engagement and enhance the overall candidate experience (and thus, leading to better talent retention in the long run).

How Does Workday ATS Work?

The Workday Recruiting ATS improves the accuracy and efficiency of the recruiting process from sourcing to candidate management, candidate selection, onboarding, and more. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key features of the Workday ATS :

  • Comprehensive visibility into talent acquisition and recruiting functions
  • Reliable sourcing of candidates throughout their job search process
  • Automated campaigns and interview management
  • Improved job posting capabilities
  • Enhanced reporting and Workday talent acquisition analytics
  • Customizable job page overlay design layers to attract more candidates
  • Sync job details (i.e., job title, description, etc.) between Workday and external job posts, social media sites, and systems

Integrations with LinkedIn

LinkedIn ATS integrations connect the LinkedIn Job Recruiter to your Workday Talent Acquisition system, making it easier (and faster) for companies to attract and manage candidates throughout talent acquisition and hiring processes.

ATS integrations with LinkedIn allow Workday users to:

  • Save time
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Attract and hire the most qualified candidates

By integrating LinkedIn and Workday, recruiting teams have access to all the information they need in one place, eliminating both the time and effort it takes to switch between different systems. And, with interconnected data and insights, managers are able to streamline the hiring process and move candidates through the pipeline at a faster pace, giving them more time to focus on engaging candidates and building meaningful relationships.

How Can We Help?

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