Super Users play a key role in providing support for Epic users throughout their entire implementation timeline and ensuring a successful adoption of the system by core users.

Read on to learn more about Epic Super Users, as well as where our senior-level Epic consultants can fit in your organization.

What is an Epic Super User?

Epic Super Users act as the point-of-contact and go-to resource for staff members and other end-users learning new functionality within their Epic system or navigating a new Epic implementation across their organization.

A Super User not only provides “at-the-elbow” support for users before, during, and after their Epic implementation, but they also work with IT services, optimization teams, and department leaders across the organization to improve communication, collaboration, and connectivity between patients, providers, executives, and other Epic users across the board.

Epic Super User Roles and Responsibilities


Super Users in Epic must have the technical and functional knowledge needed to act as the “go-to” contact for internal workflows and application functionality.

A Super User should also be a good communicator, listener, and problem solver, willing to keep up with new Epic applications and features, and remain up-to-date with departmental workflows and key software integrations.


  • Complete Epic Super User training curriculum before beginning an implementation or integration project
  • Gain a better understanding of departmental workflows, including how each business unit leverages Epic in their day-to-day tasks
  • Lead, reinforce, and validate best practices within Epic software
  • Prioritize patient care and safety no matter what


A Super User is responsible for providing operational support for Epic implementation or integration projects, and they are most often tasked with answering questions from users, conducting training sessions for physicians and other members of the staff, and facilitating communication between users, project leaders, and business unit leaders.

How to Become an Epic Super User

If you’re interested in ensuring teams are prepared for their Go-Live date, answering user questions, and assisting with triage issues by becoming an Epic SuperUser, the process is actually quite simple.

Those interested are typically just required to fill out a form in their native Epic system, and team leadership will take on the process from there to ensure the transition from regular users to Super Users is smooth.

Getting Started with Us

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