Finding and attracting top talent is a critical challenge for organizations in today’s competitive job market. Workday, a leader in human capital management, and Broadbean, a premier job distribution platform, provide a seamless system for posting job openings across multiple channels and efficiently tracking applicant responses.

This article explores the main advantages of this integration, exploring how it simplifies the recruitment process, expands reach to a larger talent pool, and enables recruiters to manage hiring strategies more effectively.

What is Broadbean?

Broadbean is a leading provider of job distribution technology, offering easy-to-use candidate-sourcing tools to help recruiting teams improve efficiency, streamline workflows, and accurately search for talent through online platforms.

With advanced analytics and intelligent integration tools, Broadbean makes it easier to gain insight into the most successful recruitment channels and access key job distribution metrics. This ultimately enhances the effectiveness of core recruiting campaigns and increases return on investment.

What is Workday Recruiting?

Workday is a comprehensive cloud platform that supports various enterprise management functions, primarily focusing on human capital management (HCM), financial management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Workday’s Recruiting platform is designed to help organizations manage the entire recruiting lifecycle, from attracting and sourcing candidates to hiring and onboarding new employees. With intuitive Workday Recruiting features, organizations can attract, select, and retain best-fit employees and maintain the end-to-end employee lifecycle in one system.

Understanding the Integration Between Workday and Broadbean

By combining the power of Workday’s Recruiting platform with Broadbean’s integrated multi-posting tool, the Workday Broadbean integration enables users to deliver the right candidates to the right job at the right time.

Automated job distribution, candidate delivery, and source tracking functionality make it easier to distribute jobs through preferred advertisement channels and gain comprehensive insights into overall job board performance across social media, search engines, and other channels.

Pre-built source tracking capabilities enable Broadbean to work seamlessly between Workday and other job boards, allowing users to build and manage centrally controlled application paths, create custom quotas for job board credits, and manage overall costs more effectively.

The Broadbean Workday integration offers additional insight into critical recruitment data, automates job distribution tasks, and ensures accurate source tracking, helping organizations stay compliant with the highest standards of OFCCP compliance and drive a high return on investment.

Key Benefits of the Broadbean Workday Integration

  • Intelligent source tracking and performance analytics to identify and assess top-performing recruitment channels and associated metrics
  • Access to the world’s largest distribution network for job advertisements
  • Real-time analytics portal and automated OFCCP compliance technology
  • Various configuration options and support for 20+ languages across global job boards
  • Seamless integration between systems to deliver engaging experiences and track key metrics
  • Comprehensive insight into job board performance, including the source of each job application, sector-specific reports, channel performance rates, and more
  • Seamless integration and complete control over sourcing, application, hiring, and onboarding processes across business units

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