With so many Infor Lawson customers migrating from Lawson S3 to Infor Global Human Resources (GHR), we’ve developed a series of articles to help demystify the process a little. 

Our first article covered what you need to know before migrating benefits to GHR. Now, we’ll go over all the changes you’ll experience going from S3 to GHR and how they could impact your organization. Of course, our best piece of advice before kicking off any migration is to clean your data and optimize your current system. This ensures you’re able to use all of the components of GHR efficiently. 

Let’s start this article by covering the key capabilities of benefits in GHR.

Key Capabilities of Infor GHR Benefits 

Benefits is a module of Infor GHR that helps organizations manage benefit programs for employees, retirees, and COBRA participants. The module enables you to manage these programs and ensures you’re adhering to compliance requirements. Here are some of its key capabilities: 

Enhanced Functionality 

Configure complex plan rules for enrollment and maintain plans based on eligibility, as well as create and track benefits by plan type and contributions en masse.

New Workflows and Processes

Support benefits for various groups of employees, COBRA, and retirees, as well as compliance and vendor reporting through workflows and interfaces that can be configured to your needs. 

Deep Integration

Gather benefits data through the universal interface to third-party benefit providers. Easily import benefit hours worked from payroll and deduction amounts by resource and benefit contributions by benefit plan. 

Employee self-service

Develop a customized employee experience for enrollment, new hires, ongoing events, and life changes. Employees can view and update personal information, enroll in plans, and get benefits summaries independently. They can also access life events such as moves, marriage, and more through their desktop or mobile devices.

Biggest Changes in Infor GHR Benefits

Now that we’ve covered some of the standard benefits of Infor GHR…Benefits, let’s dive into the changes ahead. 

Improved Performance 

Many organizations are experiencing performance issues because they’re still running payroll in S3. Doing so requires them to have to run a lot of different jobs to the maintenance process, which could take hours for something that should only take minutes. Our advice: when you’re going through the upgrade process, try to maximize the versions you’re using so that you can make sure performance is at top speed.  

Entry Fields 

There have been some optimizations around the entry data fields in the plan. It’s the same thought process behind the S3 benefits, but in GHR, Infor is adding enhancements to those fields so that employers can use more of those fields. 

Evidence of Insurability 

Another functionality change with GHR is the evidence of insurability (EOI), also known as proof of good health. This is the documentation of the good health condition of an employee and their dependents that allows them to be approved for coverage. This is a pretty significant change because a lot of organizations were using outside vendors for their EOI, and now they can bring that in-house with GHR benefits. This can save companies time and money. 

Payment Date Change 

The payment date change is another thing to mention. It’s not as significant as the other changes, but it’s something that’s in preparation for GHR payroll. This means it’s likely you’ll notice a lot of paid payment pay codes and other segregating things that used to be in S3 benefits are now under the GHR umbrella to prepare organizations for migrating payroll. (We expect a lot of Infor customers will be moving payroll to GHR over the next couple of years, and we don’t want them to be blindsided by this change.)

Ready for Infor GHR?

We’ve had many customers migrate to GHR benefits with zero issues, and they couldn’t be happier. If you’re ready to upgrade, Surety Systems can help. Our senior-level Infor Lawson consulting team can guide you through these changes and develop a roadmap designed for your business. 

Not sure if you’re ready to upgrade but you’d like to learn more about the process? We are here for you. Contact us today to get started.