Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have seen how important it is to speed up their digital transformation. The need for projects to be flexible, cloud-based, and deployed quickly has become even more critical in our new normal. And if you’re looking for the fastest route to getting your company live on Workday, Launch is your answer. 

This article explains the benefits of using Workday Launch and how you can accelerate your time to value by partnering with experts at Surety Systems. 

What is Workday Launch?

Workday Launch is a preconfigured approach developed through analysis of numerous past deployments, their successes, and their failures. It includes packages with critical functionality customers need to set up a strong foundation in Workday. 

This methodology helps get customers up and running in a predictable timeframe that limits roadblocks. According to Workday, Workday Launch has received a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent, so you can rest easy knowing the solution has proven itself successful. 

Initially designed with smaller customers in mind, Workday Launch helps simplify sales, contracting, and deployment processes so they could go live quickly. But when it became clear that large enterprise companies would also benefit from this structure, Workday expanded the offering to businesses in the US, with plans to add additional markets around the world in the coming year. 

Benefits of Workday Launch

Not only does Workday Launch help companies go live on time, it also helps them do so while staying on budget. Here are just a few more highlights of the solution: 

Popular, Feature-rich Packages: Workday Launch packages include the critical functionality that customers routinely deploy. Need more than the basics? Not to worry! As your business evolves, it’s easy to add more features. 

Preconfigured Magic: Using leading practice configurations defined in the packages, Workday Launch makes it easy to see the magic of your data in action and make more informed decisions during deployment. 

Flexible Experience: Every company is different, which is why Workday Launch allows you to choose the add-ons, packages, and integration requirements that make sense for your organization. Even better, the deployment process is simplified to reduce cycles and resources. 

Resources for Life After Launch: But wait, there’s more! Workday offers resources to help support you beyond go-live as your organization grows and changes over time.

An Overview of the Workday Launch Process

When you team up with a partner like Surety Systems, our consultants will start by guiding you through the discovery process to understand your company’s needs. The Workday Launch deployment methodology provides a consistent approach and will be the roadmap for your journey. 

After that, you’ll receive a preconfigured tenant based on information from the discovery process and some of our best practices. Your data will be preloaded into the tenant, giving you insights to help make decisions about your deployment. You can also expand or change the preconfigured prototype at any time to fit your organization’s specifications. 

How Surety Systems Can Increase the Speed of Workday Launch 

If you think Workday Launch sounds speedy, bringing on an expert from our Workday consulting team will take things into overdrive. By helping with project management, tackling technical support, and supplying subject matter expertise, our consultants deliver even faster deployments. 

Here are three more reasons to partner with Surety Systems for your Workday deployment. 

1. Expertise in the Workday Launch Methodology

Our team of consultants has a deep understanding of the Workday Launch methodology and the best-practice deployment package that Workday offers new customers. 

2. Keeping Your Workday Project Plan on Track

Our client-side project managers can help with cross-functional alignment, change management, communication planning, executive steering committee meetings, and much more. It’s essential to have someone you can rely on to manage these responsibilities for a successful Workday rollout. 

3. Navigating Common Mistakes of Workday Deployment 

Our consultants have worked with clients who have dealt with configuration and data issues soon after their deployment. While some of those issues can be easily fixed, larger problems can cause major data and compliance issues for your business. Knowing how to avoid these common mistakes before they happen can save you time, money, and headaches. 

If you’re ready to get started with Workday Launch, our senior-level Workday consulting team is here to help with your implementation. Contact us today to learn more.