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Experienced Infor Lawson Consultants When You Need Them Most

Lawson makes running a business easier and more efficient. But when your to-do list is overwhelming or your key Infor Lawson employee is on leave—or worse, quit—we bet “easy” isn’t what comes to mind. If you find yourself in a similar scenario, what can you do to bridge the gap and stay afloat?

One option is cross-training. Often times, this feels like the easiest and cheapest route. However, it requires your staff to spend their valuable time learning and teaching. Cross-training is great for general, short-term needs. But what about when you need a more specialized skill set or you’re in the middle of a complex project? Another option is having a go-to partner who can provide specialized Infor Lawson consultants at the drop of a dime. Being proactive and identifying a partner in advance helps ensure you’re never a man down in the middle of a critical project.

Surety Systems is an Infor Delivery Partner. With an extensive network of vetted Infor Lawson consultants, we’re ready to hop in and get business back to usual. The best part? By integrating with your internal team, any training and knowledge transfer is yours to keep forever.

In need of an Infor Lawson superhero? We’ve got you covered.

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