Project:  JDE Security / Technical Foundations Training for World 9.1
Industry:  Telecommunications



This telecommunications client requirement was to learn JDE security and also be trained on several topics related to Technical Foundations.  Those to be trained included resources in charge of JDE security, JDE programming and a JDE manager that wanted to become more familiar with JDE functionality.

Security & Technical Foundations Training: Challenge

The baseline in house JDE knowledge was not strong, so training had to include elementary concepts and progress rapidly to security issues.



The client already had JDE security implemented, but they needed a better understanding of how to best utilize it.  Security best practices also needed to be implemented.  We gathered all teaching requirements from the JDE team.  We interviewed students to determine level of expertise in JDE in general and specifically on the topics to be covered. Ensured training covered Technical Foundations as well as security topics.

Security & Technical Foundations Training: Solution

Business/Technical Solution Details:

  • Analyzed teaching requirements.
  • Interviewed IT staff to identify initial level of technical expertise with JD Edwards World.
  • Developed comprehensive training plan based on clients needs and skill level.
  • Taught JDE Technical Foundations and JDE security.
  • Discovered security holes in current security set-up.
  • Implemented JDE security best practices.