A company specializing in providing online and social media presence for other large companies implemented Kronos HR/Payroll in order to streamline their workflow process and track the cycle of their employees throughout the employee’s tenure. Once the system was implemented, they discovered the way that some of the items had been set up within the system were causing maintenance of the system to be extremely time consuming and difficult.



The client asked Surety Systems to help fix the issues. After Surety’s Kronos HR/Payroll consultant met with the client project managers, it was requested that Surety conduct a full system audit on the Kronos HR/Payroll system to identify issues within the configuration. Surety identified a number of items that could be reconfigured to improve workforce productivity and therefore control labor costs.

Kronos HR / Payroll Streamline Workflow

Based on this feedback, the client decided on a company-wide reorganization of their reporting trees. This would simplify their trees so that building and maintaining positions was much more manageable. Additionally, the improved system could potentially minimize compliance risks and provide needed data during an audit.


Once the decision was made to change the security reporting tree and reorganize the positions, the client and Surety’s Kronos HR/Payroll expert came up with how they wanted their trees to be configured. The goal was to maintain use of the trees as well as not lose any positions nor orphan any employee records.

Kronos HR / Payroll Streamline Workflow

All configuration changes to the tree were then built within the system to ensure uniformity throughout. All items that could possibly be affected by the changes, such as security access, benefit plans, etc., were tested by both Surety’s consultant and the client’s internal project team to ensure everything would work properly once the reorganization was completed. Once the build to the tree was completed, all positions were then moved from the old nodes on the system tree to the new nodes on the system tree. This ensured that the old nodes could be end-dated so they would no longer show within the system GUI. This allowed greater ease of use and less maintenance for the client. The move of all positions was done using the Re-Organization module within the Kronos HR/Payroll application to maintain integrity of the data.

Surety’s Kronos HR/PR consultant went through all of this twice. The first time this was performed on the development server, allowing both the consultant and client to do end-to-end testing on the new setup along with running several standard and custom reports. This process was repeated in the production environment with additional testing.


The changes recommended by Surety’s Kronos consultant met the client’s objective of a more efficient and streamlined system. As a truly position-centric system, the ease of use when creating and changing all positions affected every employee. This resulted in saving time, money and resources for overall maintenance of the client’s Kronos HR/Payroll system.