When it became apparent that it was time to upgrade Kronos from 6.1 to 7.0, a regional clinic system with 18 locations serving over 380,000 patients decided they would take the opportunity to also investigate the potential use of additional Kronos functionalities beyond what they were currently enjoying.  To accomplish an assessment and help in their decisions in a timely, efficient manner they decided to bring in proven Kronos expertise with Surety Systems.



The Kronos and IT teams knew they needed to update Kronos and had planned accordingly.  The team had also kept a growing list of Kronos functions they had heard about but had not deployed.  They had a well-trained and productive team that gave them confidence as they planned their upgrade but as with any major upgrade, knew it would be nice to have someone on the team that had experience specific to their upgrade situation.

Regional Clinic Upgrades and Expands Kronos Functionality: Challenge

As they considered the path forward they determined that their upcoming Kronos upgrade was a unique event and timeframe that could potentially provide them the ability to assess their use of Kronos as well as any additional improvements or expanded usage of the product.  Their challenge was to find a Kronos professional with not only the strong upgrade experience that would be relevant to their situation, but also with sufficient broad Kronos expertise to lead and guide this organization’s assessment and decisions as the plan their path forward.



When the clinic’s IT leadership spoke to Surety Systems about their need, they made their Kronos upgrade a clear priority, but asked for Surety to present options that would address their desire to conduct a Kronos usage assessment and help them decide on added functionality. Surety Systems responded by providing a senior level Kronos consultant with industry expertise to serve as a Kronos Subject Matter Expert (SME) for both the upgrade and assessments.

Regional Clinic Upgrades and Expands Kronos Functionality: Solution

Throughout the engagement, the Surety Systems Consultant was aligned most closely with the Kronos Administrator. The administrator provided organizational specific knowledge to the consultant and streamlined the interaction and communication internally. In addition, the Surety Systems Kronos SME interacted with various people within IT and the Kronos teams to ensure he was able to effectively assess their work flow and functionality. As a result of the complexity of the project, Surety Systems layered in two additional consultants to address all the interface and configuration specifics until the clinic hired and ramped up their own staff member.



The Surety Systems solution, comprised of a small team of Kronos experts, delivered on their objective of a solid and timely upgrade to Kronos 7.0.  The Surety team also was able to lead the discovery team and participate in a broad Kronos functionality review.  The assessment resulted in adding additional Kronos functionality in the leave, attendance, and scheduling modules.