In today’s world of information overload, accessing the critical information needed to make quick, informed business decisions can mean the difference between the success and failure of any organization.

For many businesses, the Lawson Business Intelligence model is the answer to helping deliver business-critical information quickly to the people who need it to run their business effectively time and time again. Working with Surety Systems, the regional food market is in the process of converting from an IBM Cognos system to a more robust and integrated Lawson Business Intelligence-based platform.



The family-owned supermarket chain made the decision to create one source for all of its business reporting, from employee payroll and work hours to store management. Prior to Surety Systems coming in early this year, the retailer was using an IBM Cognos Impromptu system.

Converting Business-Critical Reports: Challenge

With the Cognos system, they needed to create multiple – in some cases, hundreds of – reports to regularly review and monitor information from numerous data services across the company. For example, the retailer’s payroll department needed to run up to 150 audit reports from the Cognos system every Monday to find any errors in time records or data anomalies that could have a negative impact on the company’s overall payroll process.



The Surety consultant, who specializes in Lawson Business Intelligence and Reporting, came in to convert and write reports from the Cognos system to the latest Lawson Business Intelligence platform. The project included the creation of Smart Notifications and SAP Crystal Reports, and setup of the Reporting Services component.

Converting Business-Critical Reports: Solution
Lawson Business Intelligence is a suite of services and applications that provides enterprise-wide reporting and analysis via role-based dashboards and reports.  This reporting platform delivers a number of advanced services to an organization and its business users, including:

  • Framework Services,
  • Reporting Services,
  • Smart Notifications,
  • Scorecards; and
  • Crystal Report Integration

Surety Systems’ consultants have extensive experience and success with Lawson solutions and in a variety of vertical markets. For this project, Surety’s consultant had previously worked on several high-profile Lawson Business Intelligence projects, and had hands-on experience with HR functionality and the retail market, making them ideal for this assignment.



The ability for the retailer to now consolidate data from a variety of sources across the company will give us a cleaner, more accurate, real-time picture of the business. The new reports will provide timely key performance indicators that will allow us to better react to and prepare for daily, weekly and monthly changes to the retailer’s business and the marketplace.

The retailer added that they continued to work with Surety to further streamline its Lawson-based reporting processes across the company.  Surety gave them the expertise and resources to make a smooth transition to its Lawson platform and make it the company’s one source for all of its reporting needs.

Surety has written or converted approximately 200 reports to the Lawson platform, and has been able to reduce the number of overall reports generated and the time spent creating and printing those reports. For example, the 150 reports that the payroll department printed once a week were replaced by five Smart Notifications emails that are automatically sent to the retailer’s payroll data processors.

Today, between the Smart Notifications and Crystal Reports generated by the Lawson platform, key decision-makers at the chain have the necessary information at their fingertips to make critical business decisions and address any business issues quickly, if necessary.